3D printed a 2.5" HDD rack for my Raspberry pi Syncthing server.

@nomand Do these all hook up to a single rasberry pi? If so... how?

@tees 2x usb ports using sata-usb adapters and 2x regular usb3 cables (ex-portable WD drives have usb 3 built-in instead of sata). Overall 4x usb ports. Nothing fancy, It's just for file backups, ubs speed is enough.

@nomand How are you connecting all 4 of these to the rpi?

@nomand that's sick! such a smart idea. how do you hook them up to pi?

@aynish Just over USB! WD drives have the usb3 interface, the others through sata-usb adapters

@nomand using some sort of powered usb hub? i don't think the pi can power all those harddrives by itself

@aynish Good point! I haven't tried it yet, but I'll be using the Pi4 which uses USB-C PD, so maybe? We'll find out haha

@nomand ohhh maybe! I haven't tried with a pi4, but my pi3 couldn't power even 1 hdd.

good luck! :)

@aynish If not, these are all leftover drives that are no longer needed. A 1.5TB, 2TB, 2TB and 0.5TB. I'll just use the two WD 2TB ones, the other two would be redundant anyway, I just have them so might as well use them, ok if not. I'll report back once I have the pi!

@nomand wooo re-using old harddrives is my jam, i have about 4 hooked up to a powered hub on my closet server. would love to get raid going, but haven't dug into that

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