We were given notice to move out of our house on Christmas day, so we're saying fuck you to the landlord class and taking on the challenge of living on a boat.

We might not be as ready as we think we ought to, the boat is definitely not ready, nor is it the right boat (soon)
Doesn't matter, fuck neofeudalism.

Boundless gratitude to my copilot on this journey <3

@nomand "neofeudalism" is dead on. fuck that, and fuck yeah to life on your own terms. rock on, y'all.

@nomand congrats on escaping land. Fuck land itself. The dynamics of land are so fucked that I wrote this

@nomand Oh wow fuk those ppl :/! Seriously...
Looking forward to hearing more about your lives on the water tho! Take care <3.

@rek We are going to try and capture our learnings as much as possible. Not sure what form it'll take, we both still have full time jobs, so lots of challenges ahead <3

@neauoire @rek Lots of gratitude to you both for the inspiration and sharing!

@nomand All my strenght is with you and your familly. Take care of each other :tealheart:

@nomand renting in NZ is depressing man. Great for you and your partner to have this kind of agency though, go well!!!

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