@nomand Any idea how one might safely get rid of PFAS products? 🤔
At my insistence we've been phasing them out in my family, but I'm not sure if just throwing them in the trash was such a great idea.

@csepp @nomand Put them in a metal box welded shut and bury it five feet deep. Make sure that the sides of the box are at least 1/2” thick.

Jokes aside, the EPA appears to have a page about it, maybe you’ll find something useful: https://www.epa.gov/pfas

@csepp @nomand current methods sounds rather energy intense: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-to-destroy-forever-chemicals/

maybe at some point bacteria or fungi could evolve or be "developed" that are able to decompose them, but then of course the question becomes what are the decomposition materials?

probably CO2 and Fluorine-whatever-the-heck-is-nearby…

@nomand @neauoire my goal is to eventually replace my entire body with plastic, incrementally, and start a new debate about the 'ship of polytheneus'

@nomand please don't scaremonger by editorializing, the article does not say that rainwater is unsafe to drink now.

It does say that the buildup indicates a passing of a 'planetary boundary'. I think it means that there are so many PFAS in the ecosystem they are cycling around in a way they didn't use to.

Not a good thing by any means, but nowhere does this say that you can't consume rainwater anymore.

@mibzman @nomand That honestly might be *less* bad than the reality.

> "transgressing one or more planetary boundaries may be deleterious or even catastrophic due to the risk of crossing thresholds that will trigger non-linear, abrupt environmental change within continental-scale to planetary-scale systems." (https://www.nature.com/articles/461472a)

@mibzman not scaremongering, being fecitious if anything. Because while it does not say 'can't drink', 'long term adverse health effects' is plastered all over it so... you won't drop dead, but between that and the nitrite heavy and giardia infested farming runoff poisoning our waterways, there isn't much water left that can be drunk without treating it first, which means use of energy. So it's not all doom, it's just getting less accessible.


...the wiki on PFAS doesn't really help to feel any bit safer 😬 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Per-_and_polyfluoroalkyl_substances

Our species really fucked up the whole planet in multiple ways simultanously.

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