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hello! i'm nicola, and i make stuff by combining various A/V media and code at

i like upcycled tech, asemic writing and weird fantasy/scifi

I'm not 100% pleased with the precission, but I have no drum synthesisers so it's the best I could manage. The track needed drums! Very much the direction I want to go in for the future though.

finished my DIY monome grid clone! Wrote up a page about it and a page about the problems with 3d printing. Looking forward to making some weird programs and weirder music with this thing :D

Capitalist: "y'all just lazy and don't want to work anymore"

Me who just spent over 2h improving a single street in my neighbourhood on #OpenStreetMap, painstakingly referencing every building across three different map sets and adding street numbers to each gate, door, garage etc. : "oh really?"

Sorting the most common glyphs for further adjustments before emoji export.

This is basically the linja sike font with a few almost invisible tweaks. Maybe I'll simplify some glyphs for readability's sake, in the spirit of sitelen pona pona. I still have some tests to do.

Also, it took me a while to understand the ku glyph (7th on the bottom line), but once you get it, it's pretty obvious and smart.

hey, nine-eyes. nice halo, did your mom pick it out for you?

“The hacker ethos once championed as a method of subverting prevailing power has become at last its greatest lieutenant … I am not hoping for programmers to organize as a class, not anytime soon – you dudebro losers haven't got the guts – but good software simply won't be possible until we accomplish at least that much. There will never be the time or money to satisfy the guarantees our ethics require until we demand them with all the power we possess.”

Experimenting with analogue signals on my modded minitel CRT

Having some fun customizing my desktop with windowmaker and GNUstep

The solar balloon invented itself

If you picture a flying machine, you probably imagine a craft which is heavier than air, somehow kept aloft with wings or propellers. Heavier-than-air flight dominates discourses about aviation..

Implemented .theme support across the Uxn tools(Nasu, Noodle & Left). Nasu can export .theme files with ctrl+p, each project can have its own theme file.

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