languages i really wanna learn :

languages i kinda wanna learn :

languages i dont really wanna learn, but probs should :
{java/ type} script

bonus round (shells) pick one:
oil shell

setting intentions with this post

@aynish i think if you learn c then you can learn lua in something like 15 minutes and then you can also have a great time binding it to your own c code

@aynish yeah +1 for the lua/c combo. Lua is good at things that are hard/tedious to do in C, and vice versa.

@paul @aynish
yeah *cough cough* strings *cough cough*

and if you like LISP you can also use fennel, and luajit is FAST

@neauoire @nonmateria @aynish it's very easy to mess up dynamically allocated null-terminated strings in C. Lua has a decent set of string utilities their standard library, as well as a very convenient concatenation operator.

@paul @nonmateria @aynish ah okay, I misread nic's toot thinking the issue was with Lua's strings.

Yeah, if you're not used to it, strings in C can be a bit tough when you're coming from like Javascript or ruby.

@neauoire @paul @nonmateria @aynish the problems with C strings go deeper than just being hard to use. See "Accidentally Quadratic"

@zens @paul @nonmateria @aynish I haven't really used sscanf and that sort of magic yet. I'm not familiar with that stuff. I do a lot of string parsing in C, but I try to stay away from the stuff in string.h

@neauoire @paul @nonmateria @aynish as long as you don’t need to prove your software correct it’s probably fine. i kinda wish pascal had won the popularity contest though. (it’s got better strings)


@zens @neauoire @paul @aynish

"A c implementation of tic-tac-toe in a single call to printf. Written for IOCCC 2020."

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