finally i was able to get the A* pathfinding right, testing with some hovering minion

@jameschip thanks! i still have to work a bit more on walk cycles, i will probably get a book or two about animation in the next weeks =)

@nonmateria it looks really cool dude! Is #theWorkshop a jam or an even of some sort?

@loveisanalogue thank you! i was a bit unsecure about my skill in animations but it's nice that i can already get something done =)

@nonmateria I seriously love this art style, it looks so good!

@opfez thanks! it's mostly done by hand and then digitized from a webcam with a custom program

@thomasorus <3

for now it's still an exercise, i don't think i really want to do another platformer, but surely i'll like to do something with this style and maybe some fragment shader as VFX

@nonmateria Looks good. You might intentionally slow the frame rate for the movement to better match the frames of the idle. It might make prediction a little trickier, but that is probably also okay.

@grey i'm actually fine with the idle having slower frames (thinking about it it could be even slower) but i didn't do anything to avoid sudden transition between states so a better timed transition can still be implemented

@nonmateria /nod I feel like having the jump and movement look animated in the same way rather than per-pixel smooth could be a nice touch.

@grey are you talking about the feel of the graphics or the timing of the animation?

i'm checking right now but slowing the walking cycle make it look like "sliding"

the timing for the idles are just half of the walk cycle, but otherwise they would look too frenetic (well, maybe i should draw more frames next time)

@nonmateria The timing of the game physics versus the timing of the animated frames. I like the low frame rate of the animation, but the smoothness of the character's movement coordinates through space feels somewhat at odds with the aesthetic. (This is hard to communicate in text!)

@nonmateria It may not "work", but the notion would be to have the movement look more akin to the animation rate and style.

@grey ooook now i understood!

while the animation image don't advance each video frame its xy position is updated much more frequenty and that looks weird

i think that can be somewhat fixed by quantizing the movement to the animation without lowering the framerate (that would cause laggy user control)

@grey simply drawing more frames could also help, even though that would mean more work on the art and more memory usage

@nonmateria I'd try to find a balance with less frames first. It looks nice as is!

@grey yeah, anyway this is still an exercise but i'd like to use ink, claymotion and shaders as art style for my games so this kind of considerations about frames are very important, thanks for making me notice! =D

@nonmateria I'm enjoying watching your crashcourse into videogames-making crashcourses.

@huxel thanks! looks like i have definitely practice the brushpen a little more

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