i found out this jam on, it's already started but the timing is very chill, more than two weeks to make a tamagotchi (?)

character designin'

i think this year i'll put some real effort in pixel art

also it feels totally different than drawing, at this resolutions it's much more like playing lego

damn i suck at animating i had to remake the walk cycle 3 times before getting a decent one

actually doing a pomodoro timer concealed as virtual pet

and obviously a MESSY state machine for animations

it will be too much code for the jam to have an UI for customizing colors so i'm enconding some switchable themes

if you want a particular bg/fg theme included please send colors! (in 8 bit format, for example the gameboy is BG: 15, 56, 15 / FG : 139, 172, 15 )

more themes (inc. merveilles), resizable window, crosscompiling fine, sounds added, code uploaded

PS: for window users: does this thing get reported as a virus? a friend of mine has some problems downloading it as in something similar to this:

thanks to @klve now we also have an osx arm64 build

PS: if someone want to send me a osx x64 bit build it is very welcomed!

@nonmateria omg looking forward to your and everyone else's entries. this is so rad

@nonmateria shit I think I wanna do it, @rek wanna make a tamagochi with me?

@nonmateria wow, i don't think you suck!
(i guess if you did, you wouldn't have remade the cycle until you liked it 😅)

@sejo yeah, most of the suckyness it's in the discarded takes, this was good enough

i'm thinking about using a bit more pixels next time, animating with so few pixels it's a puzzle on its own

@nonmateria oooh, a pomodoro pet sounds like a terrific idea. why is it exam season, now i wanna make one of these for my DS...

@csepp it would be very good to have on a portable device like that, it could double as timer for cooking!

@klve WOW! actually i don't have a mac for building it, if you could send me a build to include on for mac users it would be very nice

(at the moment i think it's done, i'm just having problem to test why windows recognizes the app as a virus)

@nonmateria ok, I'll make a pr once I figure out a window size issue. I had to hardcode it, probably different version of raylib on my end.

@klve mmm i'm using the latest raylib, maybe you have to just git pull that

@bd thank you! i put lot of effort on that, i remade it from scratch 3 times

@nonmateria ahhh i love this, great job on the animation! you managed to wring soo much expressivity from the few bits you used :3

@nonmateria :level2: suggestion: bird levels up the more pomodoros you do????

@cblgh adding some kind of mechanism to reward the player for being productive it's a very good idea, but at the moment i kinda want to stop working on this and move to something new

i will remind about rewarding players next time and keep this minimal u_u

@cblgh thanks! i switched to pixel art on purpose to be able to iterate on animation more quickly than when i'm using ink, doing traditional animation it's HARD especially if you don't have a properly set up workspace ( and obviously even harder if you don't draw really well like me )

@nonmateria looks great! :tealheart:

tried to run it but got "FATAL: Failed to initialize Graphic Device" 😅 don't know if i'm missing something

@sejo i made it with raylib, on linux it require some things that are available by default on most distro but maybe some isn't there

"[...] requires linkage with libm(math), pthreads(POSIX threads), dl(dynamic loading), rt (realtime extensions: nanosleep()) and X11 specific libs: X11, Xrandr, Xinerama, Xi, Xxf86vm and Xcursor"

@rek thank you! this means a lot for me!

i switched to pixel art because i tried and i felt that it would have taken forever for me to learn to do this in a traditional way (and it also means that i did good to put some money and get a copy of the animator surivival kit)

@nonmateria that's a very good book. I had that book when I was doing my 2d animation course :>.

@moo eh sono proprio belle le cose che fate coi norns ma ci manca solo che mi prendo altro hardware! sto apposto col portatile ebbasta

@nonmateria the only gamejam I ever jointed was another PetJam, by Porpentine Charity Heartscape, back in (damn it's been so long ago already???) 2015

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