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Turns out that when the language itself is telling you to stop and change your approach, you should listen to it!!

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After trying to wrangle with multidimensional arrays as members of structs and other, not-at-all-C-friendly-things I was trying to force C to do, I've gone ahead and just switched how I build pieces in my Tetris clone.

First image is just *one* piece in the old system.

Second image is *all seven* tetrominos in the new system

(also I'm aware there's a typo with "platfield" but this is just a pseudocode representation and not the actual C code I'm writing/using)

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Programming Help Ask; Picture of (imo) Hideous Code 

(Poll for above)

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Which rotation would you prefer?

(Context: I'm starting on a Tetris clone, and I'm considering adding in Pentominos too)

(Poll is in a reply toot; Can't have images and polls in same toot!)

Strange question for y'all

For projects you're working on, where you're either working alone or the other people involved don't really affect your work at all

What makes it take time for you to finish the project?

Is it just that's it's a lot of work, or something else?

I've noticed that for me, it's that my ADHD makes me never do anything, but when I *do* get things done, it takes like no time whatsoever

So I was curious if that's a *me* thing or not

Ok so

I'm making a function with the declaration as follows:

subtract_point_from_point(point p1, point p2)

I'm running into an issue with figuring out the order that the subtract should happen in

So, feel free to let me know which one you prefer, or if you have any strong source saying one way or the other, because I can't find any!

>calls a compiler overly complex

>literally has tried and failed to build a compiler for a significantly simpler language

ok listen

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that whole "we want it to compile to efficient native code" wasn't lies, it's actually pretty good all things considered

especially for how overly complex the compiler is

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pretty chauffed to see my lang of choice (Crystal) is relatively efficient compared to other similar languages (it's not miles ahead of Go, but it is pretty far ahead of Java and *especially* Ruby)

Typo Correction 

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EFDN Meta, Unscheduled Downtime 

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Notetaking Software Musing 

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Notetaking Software Musing 

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Notetaking Software Musing 

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pannenkoek's uncommentated videos have taught me more about the internal workings of game engines than any text or video specifically about that topic has

I really wanna build my own rudimentary 3D engine now thanks to those videos

My site is now officially at the same point it was with the old back-end stuff! Ykani is functional to the exact same degree now, all there is to do now is add more to it (else, spending so much time making it extensible was worthless!)

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