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Hello Merveilles! I'm Rick! I have a lot of interests in things like coding, writing, music, conlanging, conworlding.etc .etc

My current main projects (which I'm in the processing of putting online for others to see) are:

-Nuarvaen, a personal ConLang with vague inspiration from Latin and Japanese, my website, which I'm rebuilding in the Crystal language and hoping to turn into a kind of custom exocortex for myself

Looking forward to sharing a space with y'all!

EFDN Status Update 

Media cleanup script finished, removed 228GB from the drive!

Now to attempt to get Mastodon to use the external drive for storage...

That'll probably take a while too

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Mastodon (Specifically: The Software) Thoughts 

EFDN is down since last night and probably for at least one more day because disk space ran out from storing too much remote media.

The script that's supposed to let you manage that? Refuses to work via cron, except for when it doesn't.

So despite there supposedly being an automatic option to fix this, it isn't really automatic! Except sometimes it works anyway!

Alternatively: Either don't store remote media at all, or integrate cleanup!

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Mastodon (Specifically: The Software) Thoughts 

So, I already dislike Mastodon's default mode of "permanently store remote media" from a safety standpoint (makes it harder to ensure your data is deleted if you want it to be) and an efficiency standpoint (having entire copies of the exact same thing over every connected server seems extremely wasteful)

But now I've got a sysadmin reason too...

EFDN Status Update 

Got the cleanup script running, ETA 2hrs 48min on that

Once that's finished, gonna move the latest folder in media_attachments to an external drive and put a symlink to it on the server, so we'll have a TiB of extra space!

Once *that's* done and I confirm it's working as I intend, will restart the server to let everything start up cleanly and then EFDN should be back online!

Estimating that'll be either late tonight or midday tomorrow (per US Eastern time)

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EFDN Status 

EFDN will be down until further notice. The disk space cleanup script I had set to run automatically apparently *hasn't* been running, so now the disk is full.

Working on getting it cleaned up, but it'll take some time.

I've disconnected the server from the network entirely to prevent any potential data loss from continued connections.

Hopefully this won't take super long but it could end up being quite an extended ordeal so...

Does anyone have any good resources, websites, books.etc for building a 3D Graphics/Game Engine from scratch (using C, preferably)?

I'd like to try to get started on that kinda thing but I have no idea where to start, so if anyone has any good books (especially on useful background knowledge topics, rather than just straight into Making 3D Graphics right off the bat) or such, please let me know!

EFDN Status 

If anyone knows exactly how to report an internet outage to Xfinity, please let me know

The advice given on their help pages is blatantly incorrect and does not work

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EFDN Status 

EFDN will be down for an indeterminate amount of time

A lightning strike struck near our house, and since then our internet has been completely down

Comcast (my ISP) is giving us hell just trying to report the outage and even then, it'd be a dice roll for when they actually come out and fix it

According to DownDetector, every ISP in the US is currently having connectivity problems...

My ISP is having issues it seems, so EFDN is down again for however long it takes before they get back running

Every time I go learn a new language, or framework.etc, my process is essentially:

- Learn whatever part of it is relevant right now

- Start explaining it out loud (even if it's just to myself) as if I was teaching someone about it

Not only do you gain the ability to teach others about it, you also end up learning a lot yourself. I usually find a bunch of holes in my knowledge this way.

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Learn to Teach

Not specifically "Learn how to Teach" (although that's also important!)

Learn things such that you can teach others about it.

Wanna get more into hardware tinkering...

I have an old router (I say old... it's just my previous router, same model as my current one, just started being unreliable with networking) that I'd like to use for... something?

Is it even possible to somehow use a router as a general purpose computer instead? I'd love to do that if I can...

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“Most of the students say they had no music background, that they had never composed any music in their lives,” Perkins says. “In the final projects, I couldn’t tell that a lot of them had never composed before.”

Every implementation I seem to be able to find (that I can run on my systems at least) touts how it's "Compliant with ANS Forth" but...

What if I *don't* want to use ANS Forth?

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Like Lisp kinda has this issue with Common Lisp but thing is... Common Lisp isn't meant to be the singular standard Lisp

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Moore, the creator of Forth: "Go make your own dialect, do your own thing! Just keep in mind, the Original Forth is supposed to be a small language to build on!"

ANSI Forth: *adds in floating point, string manipulation and heap allocation*

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Kinda peeved about how Lisp is treated as a family of dialects and it's 100% OK and encouraged to make your own!

Meanwhile Forth is, for some reason kept to a specific standard that deviates pretty heavy from Forth's original intentions and creating a dialect of it is treated as making an entirely new language instead...

EFDN Status (We're down right now) 

Comcast is currently experiencing, in their words: "Unplanned Regular Scheduled Maintenance"


EFDN is down til supposedly around 6h00 UTC-4

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