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Typo Correction 

EFDN Meta, Unscheduled Downtime 

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Notetaking Software Musing 

Notetaking Software Musing 

Notetaking Software Musing 

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pannenkoek's uncommentated videos have taught me more about the internal workings of game engines than any text or video specifically about that topic has

I really wanna build my own rudimentary 3D engine now thanks to those videos

My site is now officially at the same point it was with the old back-end stuff! Ykani is functional to the exact same degree now, all there is to do now is add more to it (else, spending so much time making it extensible was worthless!)

Hmmm, still using the old avatar for some reason. Huh.

My website,, is officially in working order! Some things to add and to fix (notably: the bar of outside account links at the bottom), but it's pretty much done!

It's running fully on Ykani, a system I've built for my own needs which I finally got in working shape today! You can see the source here (feel free to critique every last part of it!)

Asking for Tech Help w/ Gitea 

Asking for Tech Help w/ Gitea 

My crystal webserver project, Ykani, is finally at the "It Barely Works At All" stage

It can build and display HTML finally

I haven't really developed much artistic skill, but still wanted to do inktober stuffs, so here you go!

My contributions to Inktober days 1-3

Long time no see!

Update is: I'm trying to do more with C! Anyone got any small/micro project ideas to help just get more experience with it?

Havent used this acct in a while...

Ykani very very slowly coming along, hopefully will get to working on it more as I figure out my ADHD meds and such!

Quick question:

This hinge on my laptop is waaay to tight, it's so tight it's ripped out and destroyed most of it's screw threads!

Anyone have any info/tips on how to loosen it without making it *too* loose, and then how to secure it well even though I'm missing screw threads?

Anyone got any Cross-Platform Desktop Application Frameworks that *aren't* JavaScript based?

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