EFDN Meta, Unscheduled Downtime 

Self-hosting from a machine literally in my room is fantastic for a number of reasons

Unfortunately, it means that when something happens to the paper in my room, it all goes down.

After unplugging something from an outlet in my room, it started sparking really bad. As such, I went and turned off the breaker to my room. Nothing caught fire and only the outlet is damaged.

However, it means that EFDN will be down until I get a new outlet installed.

Typo Correction 

*Power*, not Paper.


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EFDN Meta, Unscheduled Downtime 

@norikawa what a pain. hopefully things can get sorted quick for y’all

EFDN Meta, Unscheduled Downtime 

@CyclopsCaveman yep, heading to hardware store rn!

My dad's pretty handy with stuff so it'll be an easy thing to fix just gotta go get the stuff for it

EFDN Meta, Unscheduled Downtime 

@norikawa word. hope things go smoothly!

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