Strange question for y'all

For projects you're working on, where you're either working alone or the other people involved don't really affect your work at all

What makes it take time for you to finish the project?

Is it just that's it's a lot of work, or something else?

I've noticed that for me, it's that my ADHD makes me never do anything, but when I *do* get things done, it takes like no time whatsoever

So I was curious if that's a *me* thing or not

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@norikawa for me when i work on my own personal projects it takes me a long time, bc im not good at self motivating, but when im working on projects for other people i get it done super super fast

@norikawa Usually it because there's slowdown due to a technical problem, or an uncertain step, and then the project is no longer fun. It becomes easy after to tell myself that it wasn't a priority anyway, and then it gets abandoned.

That's why magic can happen when all the tools are familiar and the goal is clear. Especially if it's work that you get paid for.

@norikawa Open environments where I can't avoid paying attention to the surroundings seems to be a surefire way for me to avoid entering any kind of productive flow state. When I isolate myself, either with headphones or working alone, I tend to zone out quite often and that's when things usually gets done.

I've also found that the most difficult part for me is to get started, and that it helps a lot to slice the task down so that the first step is as simple as possible.

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