Hi all, do you think there is any room left for technical innovation in music production equipment? Or has the market reached a point of saturation?

The archetype of the self-made man is a myth. We are the product of effort as much as we are shaped by the people who surround us.

F*ck, I love digital so much but there is no such thing as resolution in analogue. Just chaos.

Like, one of my work mate is writing the ugliest unreadable pile of garbage code that even him has a hard time deciphering the next day. Still does the job... works perfectly.

So disillusioned about the easthetic of the code lately. Like it conveys a pleasant feeling while reading / following along... but it's inherently empty. Like the "beauty" in code's structure is a biproduct of the actual activity of creation. Makes me think of serialism in music. Bleh... But maybe I need schooling on the subject.

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@npisanti I only play a few hours a week, otherwise I would get bored too. I don't like games with repetitive tasks.

Using Angular feels like using an excavator to make a sculpture :moar:

After 10 years working as a freelance audio/music engineer I am starting my first job as a JS developer today. The change brings hope and fear alike.

Hi all, I am an old head sound artist based London. I can provide guidance on any audio related subjects, including music composition and sound technology and some acoustics. I am learning JavaScript and web development at the moment. thanks for welcoming me here.


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