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I write code to craft devices that generate visuals and music, mostly by using openFrameworks, cheap computer things and duct tape.

I also craft alphabeths and practice asemic writing.

you can find most of my things on my website:

also for reference: a picture of a coffee and me

Inktober 2019 bookmarks

16 - wild : it takes two chinas to make grindcore
17 - ornament
18 - misfit : A/B voidmancers
19 - sling : techwear ingredients bag

I tend to imagine the strange attractors as spaceships or space-bound lifeforms

some time ago i was into UK bass sounds

Alix Perez -The Cut Deepens (feat Foreign Beggars)

In my experience Linux people tend to be quite flexible to using different systems and workflows whereas Windows users tend be fairly immovable and unable to adapt. Its almost as if closing the source closes the mind.

APPARATUM - the installation inspired by the Polish Radio Experimental Studio

you know what? frick it! the only colors that exist are #000, and

Olive video editor is pretty great, I'm looking forward to make the next 100R episode with it!

Saw this on twitter and had to steal it
1:10 ━━❍─────── - 6:27
↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺
▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 100%

random-access memory (RAM) for
2 characters per address, with separate read- and write control signals

Wow, this thing is a handheld console, but it also has a synthesizer and a sequencer. And it looks amazing.

read-only memory (ROM) for
with 2-character word length and address space, it can store up to 1296 characters

(pretty trivial pattern but I thought I'd share anyways ^_^)

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