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I write code to craft devices that generate visuals and music, mostly by using openFrameworks, cheap computer things and duct tape.

I also craft alphabeths and practice asemic writing.

you can find most of my things on my website:

also for reference: a picture of a coffee and me

Now that I have the power Supply, It only needs an ORCA Brain

Sento che devo creare un alt per le mie cose più sperimentali, ma vediamo come va.

Porta del paradiso.

"The anti-surveillance garments were revealed at the DefCon cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas on Saturday by the hacker and fashion designer Kate Rose, who presented the inaugural collection of her Adversarial Fashion line."

Now we're talking. Hoodies printed in anti-AI patterns is exactly my kind of cyberpunk jam.

I guess it figures that reactionaries want to go back to when "things were right" even though they fricking weren't.
When I look at thinkers and inventors of the past, I don't want to recreate their situation. rather, I'd like to learn from their foresight, and have it motivate me to create a future that is better than what is and what was

experimental (one article == one page) free magazine about programming (especially programming tricks!), hacking, security hacking, retro computers, modern computers, electronics, demoscene, and other similar topics

People always emphasize that today's smartphones are much more potent than the Apollo Guidance Computers. But then, no space craft has ever been powered by a modern smartphone.

The most monochromatic beach I have ever seen in my life.

modular rig update- eschewing any traditional sequencing for the moment, opting instead for switching, lfo, logic & function generators.

the shape that is my avatar I call 'the leptoceph', which is also the reason I made it alphatransparent.~
it me, a ghostly eel ~~~:V

Mukade ムカデ, a species of very large centipede found in Japan. A Mukade wil try to eat almost every living animal it encounters that is not longer than itself.

"Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven."
- probably a c++ programmer

hey @m , i just read some of your posts, i think this could be similar to what you are trying to do, it's a supercollider client for common lisp:

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