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I write code to craft devices that generate visuals and music, mostly by using openFrameworks, cheap computer things and duct tape.

I also craft alphabeths and practice asemic writing.

you can find most of my things on my website:

also for reference: a picture of a coffee and me

"Dhrupad is the most ancient style of Hindustani classical music that has survived until today in its original form."

I changed the color scheme of my website a bit, and added underline to all the links

coded myself an videodrone, webcam input processed with fragment shaders and then a pixel line is converted to waveform:

I've made myself yet another one yesterday. And this one is a whole another story. I've been thinking about doing symmetrical brushes for a long time. Didn't know how to do them because I really don't know how to code, but I'm beginning to think I'm close to things I've always wanted. And it's fun. And I'm finding new and surprising things in it. The way we build design tools is super important.

analysis without synthesis is mere ineffectual and sterile, synthesis without analysis is a waste of time

was asked to play some music but ended up drawing on public instead 🕵️

lost in a vast and fast searchable database of pre-1900 watercolours

basically tomorrow i have to travel to have a talk at the processing day in rome (the day after) so i'm fetching all the videos on twitter to study them in the 7 hours bus commute from turin to rome

A moment from Star Trek TNG that I love

DATA: the interpretation of symbols is cultural, and I have no culture.

PICARD: Of course you do, you're a culture of one. Which is no less valid than a culture of 1 billion.


We need more art like this.


▱▱▱▱ MUSHY ▱▱▱▱

is an asset pack of neural network generated isometric tiles, for use in your projects. its a complete mess and i'm very proud of it. you can get it for free at -

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