damn @ice you triggered my desire of building strange instrument, this is what happened last time:

@npisanti Haha this looks strange indeed, how did it sound?

@ice sounds like annoyed neighbourhood!

PS: actually i sampled all those things, they're in my samples archive:

"" "" "" "" "" ""

@npisanti I guess it's a lot better than being a non-drummer like me? I've been told that I have a good « sense of rhythm », whatever that means, but I'm pretty sure making beats in a DAW is waaaay easier than the real thing.

@ice mmm basically i'm just a non-drummer someone told how to hold the sticks in the right way, i can do no more than a basic 4/4 rock beat so you would be at my level in something like 3 days. And then we form a post-industrial band u_u

@npisanti Ah yes, I remember seeing some samples on your website and thinking I should check them out. I'll definitely have to try them when I'll find a bit more time!

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