strange... it seems that mastodon is converting my gifs to mp4. Well at least it seems it's keeping the resolution, and those last ones are translating better to the feed.

@npisanti Right, it's the *modern web*, gif is no longer a file format, it means "short, looping, silent video"

@gaeel mmm actually those .mp4 are a lot smaller than my original gif, so it could be a point.

@npisanti In a lot of cases when people post gifs online, they actually want mp4s, and mp4s tend to be smaller for most cases
My main issue is mp4s have different compression artifacts, and sometimes gifs are actually smaller, so I wish we could choose when and how they get converted

@gaeel i'm just lucky that i'm already doing glitchy things, so more artifacts could be *added value*

@npisanti Right, same, but often I find the new artifacts kind of damage the artifacts I'm trying to get

@gaeel eh, i understand, i do lots of 1px pixelperfect things and many times i find they look better when recording my monitor with an external camera than if i do a screencast or render them

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