oh, wow
"Each Chinese character is described as a combination of components. These components can be other characters or radicals, as well as building blocks, which defines the simplest shapes that make up every component. Combination can be applied recursively to describe ever more complex glyphs."

@neauoire yess so much potential! i'm still working on asemic writing in GLSL shaders and i think dividing in components and then packing could be easily implemented and cheaply executed, so this is going high in my list of things to study =D

@npisanti wow again.
No enough time to dig completely... But... wow !
Is the system complete ? If yes, wow²!

@0gust1 more than that, i think it could be used to create various non-existing glyphs.

Also look here at a live demo of the method morphing one glyph to another and trasversing more than 5000 glyphs

@npisanti I already know that Chinese ideograms had a combinatorial nature (from a very good commented Yi Jing edition I read), but not at that point !

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