"as shifting became more frequent, better and better shifguards were developed for traveling through the unstable archipelagos"

@npisanti Very cool! Is this part of a game or just a fun visual demo?

@drisc it's some kind of fictional device, but i also made it to make a boilerplate (and test app ) to make oF A/V generative pieces run on linux ( desktop / rpi ), osx, win, ios and android ( next step is to make it compile on ios and android )

@drisc thinking about it, the synopsis i described on the github page could be good for a game, i could make a 4d procedurally generated clone of tyrian / asteroid

@npisanti It would be cool to play it in a park or warehouse. If running on a phone you could use it as an pseudo-AR scanner and since it’s in a dimension we can’t perceive it adds to the lore.

@drisc ah that would be still another thing, when i say dimension i am talking about an extra spatial dimention. The unstable archipelagos are a 4d entity, so sometime they move in a spatial dimention we 3d beings cannot access, you always look at a 3d slice of a 4d being ( that resemble an archipelago of islands )

the shiftguard is a device meant to avoid and predict the shifting of this being

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