hey @cancel i'm working for making the orca-c operators up to date with orcaJS and i'd like to make the reviews faster, do you use any static analysis tool i can use before submitting?

@npisanti no, I usually just write a small informal proof in a text editor and check it by hand stepping through it one line at a time.

I think you could prove it correct with frama-c. I believe the parts of orca-c that don't rely on opaque ncurses stuff should be clean.

sorry I don't have time to review code right now... writing C without bugs is hard and so far I've had to go back and forth with everyone who submits a PR several times to remove them (or at least the ones I can find)

@cancel i understand that, but, on the other side i don't feel right to always point to my own repo for a more updated version of orca-c, if you don't have time in the next weeks could we just merge the changes and then you clean it?

@npisanti I don't see anything wrong with pointing people to your own repo. I'm waiting until the design of the JS version has settled before overhauling the C version to match it again.


@cancel ok, its fine, i think it will some more weeks to settle down, in the meanwhile i can ask you for review of the most stable parts, thanks =)

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