so we're getting started with troubles, github is blocking iranian users now:

@npisanti I expected nothing less from the likes of Microsoft

@joshavanier i thought of you when i read it

i'm thinking about gitlab as some kind of issue tracking is essential to me

@ragekit @joshavanier what are the alternatives with issue tracking so people can easily report bugs / raise questions?

@npisanti @joshavanier if you use gitlab on your own server it should be ok !

@ragekit @joshavanier people have to register to my server for submitting an issue or they can do it without?

@npisanti @joshavanier im not sure if either gitlab or gogs allow account-less ticket submission

@mario_afk @ragekit @joshavanier looks a lot more spartan than gitlab, maybe something like this could also be an option:

@mario_afk @npisanti @ragekit @joshavanier

A federated version of GIT would be good, but I would think that an encrypted distributed system along the lines of IPFS would be better. We could kill more birds with one stone.

@npisanti @teknari @mario_afk @joshavanier @ckipp anything based on blockchain I'm against. I prefer not hosting my repository to destroying the planet


Right away I like the graphic design of the page!

Not that that really matters ... but it kinda does.

@npisanti I saw a tweet today that I can't find anymore, but it said something along the lines of "Remember when your physical location didn't matter on the internet". This is saddening.

@ckipp yes, and i think we should think about other ways to host our repos, those things could happen to any of us

@npisanti I've heard good things about gitea¹ but I have not set up my own yet. It's way less of a resource hog than gitlab, so, nicer to run on a small or micro server.


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