also multisampled this industrial piezo percussions, various springs on metal frame, played with carpenter pencils, plugged into a blown up speaker, recorded with olympus LS.5

more samples :

@npisanti These are so good I can't wait to get them into the studio to make something

@estoricru eheh nice to hear that as they are recorded with a budget handheld recoder from a blown up speaker, basically those things are as filthy as you can get

i'm in the process of freeing myself from QUALITY

@npisanti I need to put together a collection like you have, but I threw a couple raw samples up at if you want them.

@estoricru i'll gladly take them!

it would be funny to have a hashtag here on the fediverse, for encouraging sharing our stashes of samples

@npisanti BTW the bird sample I put up is cool af. The bamboo door is kind of crappy...was actually picked up while recording a podcast episode for YourSecure.Life lol

@estoricru put the bird into paulstretch, oct & -2 oct and 20x stretch

@estoricru paulstretch should be a musical genre, totally made by anonymous authors

@npisanti haha love it. Back in 2013 I spent some time doing a daily ambient track and it was mostly just something short I played on a synth and then paulstretched.

@npisanti Oh some of it made it on to this EP. The rest was garbage.

This EP is so quiet. I didn't know how to export audio properly back then lol

@npisanti Yeah I just wish the audio quality was a little better. I really love this album. I don't know if I still have the tracks anymore. Can't believe it was 6-7 years ago.

@npisanti great library, thanks for sharing! and even more for putting this in CC0 :)

releasing everything into the wild without wanting anything back is helping me practice non-attachment to my own things

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