@cancel @neauoire @Lutrinus
this was is a very needed feature, so now we can copypaste orca snippets from the internet
( but still i'm not able to copy-paste between two different orca-c sessions )

@npisanti @neauoire @Lutrinus use your terminal's text selection features to copy and paste instead of orca's internal copy and paste

@npisanti @neauoire @Lutrinus actually i guess most terminals don't have rectangular selection... let me see what I can do in orca-c without having to add a dependency on X11/xlib


@cancel @neauoire @Lutrinus yes, i was noting that my terminal doesn't let me copy when i select a region in orca-c ( i'm using terminator, it's a gnome-terminal fork)

@npisanti @neauoire @Lutrinus orca-c's "selection" is just drawn using terminal colors/attributes. There's no way to manipulate a terminal's actual selection from within a terminal program. The user has to do it.

@npisanti @neauoire @Lutrinus your terminal might have something like, if you hold down shift and use the mouse, then you can perform a 'real' terminal selection instead of passing the mouse input to the program.

@cancel @neauoire @Lutrinus found! i can do rectangular selection with CTRL+SHIFT+mouse, copy/pasting from terminals with CTRL+SHIFT+C/V as usual, orca-c has to be in paused playback otherwise it reset my selection as soon as it refresh a frame

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