someone on twitter is making awesome mockups of a BLAME! dungeon crawler

@npisanti @frankiezafe Consider: BLAME! as Dwarf Fortress adventure mode clone / total conversion mod.
(Although honestly I'd prefer a more hopeful sci-fi world for such a game. Still, would make a nice deep atmospheric horror exploration-y RPG.)

@csepp @npisanti blame! is not really horror in my pov, more like a dark scifi medieval kafka

@frankiezafe @npisanti Hmmm. Yeah, the world is very Kafkaesque.
That's why IMHO the only good way to adapt it to an interactive medium would be to deeply simulate the world. If the rules and spaces are pre-made, it's just way too easy to make sense of them and not feel like you are lost in the guts of a gigantic ever changing megastructure.
I'd still say it has prominent horror-y elements, but I don't actually know that much about how people classify horror.

@csepp @npisanti fully aggreed, a game respecting blame! universe would be a ultra complex and subtle generative system, building thousand of km3 of cities, with, from time to time, a super rapid battle session, against generated silicates or swarms of sentinels; but i'm afraid that's the kind of game we would have to ourselves...

@frankiezafe @csepp i'd actually very like the idea of getting lost in a megastructure, but i'm also prone to being bored easily by games so probably you're right that i won't last that much

@yhancik @frankiezafe @csepp

eeehm i got frustrated from one of the more advanced puzzles and left

(but i enjoyed most of the experience, that's a good game)

@npisanti @frankiezafe @csepp I played 10 minutes, got super nauseous and never really got back to it :p but the trailer looks nice

@frankiezafe @npisanti not the game, only me. FPSes do that to me sometimes, motion sickness. I actually had the very same with the Manifold Garden demo :p

@frankiezafe @npisanti (and actually finished going around CTM's Cyberia online experience yet again with nausea :p ugh)

@yhancik @npisanti @csepp this one has a good blamish potential, but i never played, too afraid to be disappointed...

@frankiezafe @yhancik @csepp

it's on the list of things i'd like to play!

but i'd call it more borgesian and escher-like than blamish

@csepp @npisanti @yhancik i don't know if you've seen it, but this anime is imho the most respectful adaptation of blame >!
(easy to find in torrent, if you don't, i can upload the file, just ask)

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