finally found the reason there were burst of noises after the silence after the end of the reverb, there were a problem inside the pdsp::Compressor


celebrating with an unprofessional commit message:

found some documentation of a younger and shadier me conjuring some shapes in venice

working on a little fictional device to run on the rpi hyperpixel as a study for some other things i will do next

got a pimoroni hyperpixel 4, really pretty little screen, with 800x480 resolution

testing touch with cat /dev/input/mouse0

...and then you never lose a chance to morph yourself into a six winged bird of light

wearing full black is useful so you can make a luminance chroma key out of yourself with fragment shaders

damn @ice you triggered my desire of building strange instrument, this is what happened last time:

I just passed half day finding a way to organize my resistors / capacitors / diodes, and this is the best that came to my mind

is this ?

made i gif out of that, no perfect loop but it works, i should check out what kind of resolutions mastodon likes more

in , working on "miscela", my live coding canvas and oF scripts sandbox, now it supports GLSL, custom lua bindings, images and video, i can overlay things or pass them to shaders by simply chaining their path in the cli arguments

@neauoire as i saw you just merged my porting, I forgot to write it, but actually the K operator i ported defaults to 1 instead of 0, so you can use it also as read operator, i found that sometimes V wasn't able to read bangs

0 and empty are not valid variables, and i found you can also do cool things with it like using variables to select variables

cc @cancel

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