...and then you never lose a chance to morph yourself into a six winged bird of light

wearing full black is useful so you can make a luminance chroma key out of yourself with fragment shaders

damn @ice you triggered my desire of building strange instrument, this is what happened last time:

I just passed half day finding a way to organize my resistors / capacitors / diodes, and this is the best that came to my mind

is this ?

made i gif out of that, no perfect loop but it works, i should check out what kind of resolutions mastodon likes more

in , working on "miscela", my live coding canvas and oF scripts sandbox, now it supports GLSL, custom lua bindings, images and video, i can overlay things or pass them to shaders by simply chaining their path in the cli arguments

@neauoire as i saw you just merged my porting, I forgot to write it, but actually the K operator i ported defaults to 1 instead of 0, so you can use it also as read operator, i found that sometimes V wasn't able to read bangs

0 and empty are not valid variables, and i found you can also do cool things with it like using variables to select variables

cc @cancel

in , procrastinating projects with other projects, it's two days i'm trying to add lua scripting with nanovg to my tool for mixing GLSL shaders (miscela)

i've never been so happy to see a circle, now i have to work on processing-like bindings

today in : well tuning FM synths studying again Musimathics

i also coded "the eye", minimal oF webcam app to include into the screenshot the sorroundings of my laptop, with filters (ok, now just monochrome, but i will add later)

@neauoire @cancel in , with my orca on OSC hello world!


i used a controller for changing the synth parameters live, but probably will be confusing to switch from controller to coding, so i'd like to control all the synth parameters with ORCA, it would be a problem to have 12-16 max osc arguments?

also: desktop screeshot

decorative modules:

whenever i have access to a printer i start rewriting alphabeths on printed images. The lines that traverse them can start in one image and continue in another, so each time i move to another room i can have fun rebuilding the puzzle in a different configuration (and i really have a good amount of those now)

(rebuilding my blog) also led me to find again the picture with one of my funniest musical setups ever:

joystick controlled granular drone / wolfram automata sequenced zaps / steel barrel

(i hope it isn't too much red for this place)

I write code to craft devices that generate visuals and music, mostly by using openFrameworks, cheap computer things and duct tape.

I also craft alphabeths and practice asemic writing.

you can find most of my things on my website: npisanti.com/

also for reference: a picture of a coffee and me


Revel in the marvels of the universe.