i just finished to scan and to create a layout for my zine "motore immoto" so here are the first two pages for preview =D

just uploaded an in-browser emulator for playing my entry directly on my website ( or itch.io )


thanks @eel for 99% of the work for the emulator =P

psss merveilles, myspace scavenged photo of me at 23, 10 years ago
so much hair and teen angst

new ORCΛ video on my website!

"il difficile compito di recuperare la cauzione da chi può shiftare fase (demo)"


hey i suck as game designer, this will be bit linear, almost-zine experience

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maybe i could properly redo the typography later with a ruler and then reshot, otherwise "fair enough"

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tweaked the app so i can get a frame with right click, so i can hold the webcam and take frames with one hand

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custom shader for ready to use 1bit color webcam acquisition with dithered shades

tweaked my framescan tool to directly export gif so i can load them into the minivmac gif converter

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"any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental"

if someone still has to get them, there are two new NiN albums you can get for free from their website, Ghost V and Ghost VI


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