no ispiration on doing generative graphics -->

"screw it! i'll just learn to draw little musicians with the brush pen"

you know people, while you was working on ronin i was also tinkering with my little lua graphics sandbox

cc: @neauoire @electret

me and @Jambato got the boat, it will just be difficult make it move from there D=

doodling bamboos before going to sleep

(muji brush pen & red uni posca 0.7 )


as my rent contract expired and they didn't wanted to renew it, i had to unmount this thing again, thread for more

wall modules 1/6

finally found the reason there were burst of noises after the silence after the end of the reverb, there were a problem inside the pdsp::Compressor


celebrating with an unprofessional commit message:

found some documentation of a younger and shadier me conjuring some shapes in venice

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