I'm going on against hierarchies so, why do we even have them? what are they good for?
they are good at containing things. they provide a sense of security that everything has its place and will not affect things outside that. to fulfill that promise though, they have to be strictly enforced (making force a 'necessity').
but everything can and will affect anything. all hierarchies are illusory.

Ported the spiral.lisp example to the latest syntax, I could watch this for hours.

no ispiration on doing generative graphics -->

"screw it! i'll just learn to draw little musicians with the brush pen"

@flavigula makes ambient soundscapes that you can hear at their bandcamp here:

They also have a website here: flavigula.net/#/

New Ep released today, Nova Ember.
Any feedback would be appreciated. :)


@neauoire i remember playing the demo again again and again! but no way i could "get" the full version at the time

@fribbledom even better would be without the concept of success or failure, but only iterations, starting from nothing, going nowhere

RT @ra@twitter.com
one of the worst aspects of this stupid future is how the opposite of "yes" became "learn more"

@lazarski thanks for featuring me! i'm surely in great company here =D

@antharia i didn't want to learn any CMS so i just made a bash script to put snippets of html together, and it grew up a bit in time (it's ready to be refactored, but i'm laaaazy)

I still didn't have a website and I am tired of trying cms and static generators 😩 . So I just wrote some html, accepted it's just a beginning, and that's it.

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