"The ReCode Project is a community-driven effort to preserve computer art by translating it into a modern programming language (Processing). Every translated work will be available to the public to learn from, share, and build on. "


@ice @0gust1 Yes, i was advicing one or another model of HAPI drums, i like their sound and manifacture. I just saw many badly made steel tongues in the open air market here in Turin, and generally they sound softer than a well made one, indipendenty of their size.

@neauoire hey welcome back!

while you were away i moved my orca snippets here:
there are some new ones:

change.orca outputs a bang each time the input is different from the last input

once.orca outputs just the first from a series of contigous bangs

double.orca doubles the right A input

and i don't know if you already checked out delay.orca, it delays the input value using a L loop

cc: @Lutrinus @eel @ice

This is fun. My home solar system you can see just how much rain we've been getting over the winter. Each square is one day, darker means less energy produced. August-January

@ckipp yes, it's really good! i'm also relatively new to live coding, so i'm still searching for things with this level of quality =)

Among my most prized possessions is a bottle containing a small amount of ferrofluid. I love it so much.

@ice sounds goods =)
also portability is nice to have, space is always a factor when I have to buy something

@ice ah ok, it's just a personal choice, i like the ones with a fuller sound, so i never thought about the small one, the best for that dimension should be to find something that sound mostly like a singing bowl

@ckipp it's working fine now! = )

( i'm running debian so my version of firefox is always a bit older )

@ice those Rammerdrum seems fine, but i think 400 eur is a fair price for a really well made instrument (it is really expensive related to my actual finances, so it isn't something i would buy without any real commitment)

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