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I just passed half day finding a way to organize my resistors / capacitors / diodes, and this is the best that came to my mind

is this ?

today in i improved my bash site generator for getting the RSS feed out of it:

i remember @teknari and @ghostlevel wanted something like this, i hope it works, it should update the lastBuildDate field to the actual date of the last post each time i build my website

at some point, you may have to kill your heroes/sacred cows

made i gif out of that, no perfect loop but it works, i should check out what kind of resolutions mastodon likes more

in , working on "miscela", my live coding canvas and oF scripts sandbox, now it supports GLSL, custom lua bindings, images and video, i can overlay things or pass them to shaders by simply chaining their path in the cli arguments

as it seems relevant lately, beware of the dark sides of our lifestyles:

"The entreprecarious condition is characterized by a subordinate relationship with time. Plenty of suggestions on how to master time are discussed every day, as a reaction to the fact that time is our master. No subjective temporalities survive, since time itself is turned into schedule."

hey @cancel , as you seems very opinionated on how c++ sucks, what books / resources would you advice to write clean c++ code?


Made a fully interactive version of Ghost Flowers::
Now you can generate an infinite number of different ghost flower patterns, controlled by the movement of your hand. Distance from the sensor controls the size, and left/ right controls the amount of noise/complexity. I designed the flowers to slowly fade away, so there is no definitive beginning or end. The sound is also directly linked to your hand movements, so the audio and the creation of the flowers are synchronized...

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