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My workmate has this incredible bluetooth replica of a typewriter. It mounts MX Blue switches, so it *kind of* sounds and feel like a real typewriter!

The line space lever is fully working, and the cylinder knobs are mapped to brightness/volume. Amazing! :D

hey @Merristasis did you already checked the book of shaders? it's where i started with shaders ( i just use them for 2d stuff or glitchy processing though )

*firefox disables all the dark userstyles*
WTF why is everything so white it's burning my eyes

All things live coding

This list was created with the intention of giving a quick-glance over the many possibilities to engage in this practice.

Two panels together. Takes me longer than I thought to make these, hopefully I'll gain some speed as I keep doing it :>

Am I allowed to drift? to lose conviction? to viscerally doubt?

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