Hello, Merveilles.

I'm a digital artist, recovering from a creative block, who switched to Linux full-time in 2020. (Below is the first pixel art piece I've made in a couple years.)

I also spend my time making soundtracks to silent films, and deleting as much of my data off the Internet as possible.

I'm currently working on a piece for Spring Thing 2020.

Thank you for having me.

Welcome to Merveilles @nune, looking forward to getting to know you 👋

@nune Welcome to mastodon! Pixelfed is an alternative to Instagram you can share the artworks there and here!

@nune Share the Pixelfed handle once you start using it for your art :)

@nune Hello and welcome! Also note you're being seen on the whole Mastodon network, not just on Merveilles!

@kravietz Thanks! I didn’t think anyone else would care, honestly.

@nune this is really cool! What program did you use?

@nursemchurt Thank you! I typically use Aseprite for pixel art, but I decided to try Krita for this piece.

@nune Hey there, this is a good introduction! Mind if I follow?

@freedcreative Hello! I would have to say Aesprite, but Krita comes as a close second for me due to its perspective features, etc.

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