@JPEG and the translate button doesn’t seem to work

@JPEG also is there anything so accidental slide swipes don’t happen as easily? I constantly swipe a toot over by accident when I’m trying to go down my feed

@JPEG any eta on the next update for ios13 style notifications instead of toot notifications working like like the ios12 volume indicator?

so i started lurking this hong kong forum and stumbled upon this thinktank by google called jigsaw.google.com/ made to address geopolitical issues around the world. They made a pretty cool fork of shadowsocks called Outline getoutline.org/en/home

@somnius could we try getting a translation button? From what I’ve noticed a lot of us here speak multiple languages so it’d be interesting to make it easier for us to learn different words/phrases in different languages

Looks like the military is being sent to Hong Kong... is the world about to witness another tiananmen square?

There should be websites like shodan.io but to see internet activity on websites so you could see if a hashtag or something is being upvoted and retweeted by a bunch of bots.

Algorithms that control our Daily feeds should be transparent and easy to understand/edit.

Making it possible for products to be able to compete based on lowest carbon footprint the company needed to build the product could be a productive metric for us to value things


Anyone know a good carbon footprint calculator

@JPEG can Mast have ios13 unobtrusive pop ups by default instead of the old volume indicator style pop ups?

There’s a solarpunk art competition going on I think y’all would appreciate

I'd like to formally invite all of y'all to my Movie Night collage. It's a collage of drawings and pictures of friends watching Donnie Darko.

If you'd like to be included please send me a drawing, image, or 3D model of you or a character sitting sideways (preferably with a transparent background)


@JPEG deleting a root from my profile force closes the app and it doesn't delete


Happy to announce that my RSS-to-ActivityPub converter now detects MP3s from podcast feeds and makes them into attachments that render directly in Mastodon 2.9.2+


I apparently need 100 stars on github to start an OpenCollective. I'm halfway there. Would appreciate stars and boosts from anyone who likes our local-first hardware project.


I'm mainly trying to fix what appears when you google "fooxea" it shows alt descriptions for the images on the website instead of the meta description.

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