Will there be a download button that lets people download the full quality version of photos and it attaches a small watermark with the creators link so artists can easily get credit for their work? Tiktok did so well by creators by making it so easy to downlod and share art with credits attached

all her interviews and speeches are CC0 and available here sayit.pdis.nat.gov.tw/speeches

and if you want to read about the g0v movement and how Audrey Tang went from civic hacker to Digital Minister of Taiwan and how tech can help democracy here is an article theguardian.com/world/2020/sep

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Something i find really interesting is how she makes it clear is that as Digital Minister she does not work for the government she works with the government and the government doesn't work for the people it works with the people. because trust and collaboration is very important.

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Taiwan primary school students learn about Climate Science by using open-source AirBoxes which measures air quality and sends the data to a distributed ledger. this makes it easier for students to learn how they can have direct impacts on different issues.


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Taiwan also switched their schools from focusing on Media Literacy at a young age to focusing on Media Competency. Media Literacy is from the age of radios\television where we would only consume the messages. While Media Competency helps students make the messages.

for example:

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She says the key to making things work is for the public service to trust the citizens. A way to improve this would be for the government to focus on Open Data, Transparency, and Homomorphic Encryption so the public can share valuable data without the privacy concerns.

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All the code and work they do is released under AGPL and Creative Commons to ensure the work remains free (as in freedom). They use pol.is to simplify getting feedback from large groups and seeing what people agree the most on. Polis makes it clear people aren't actually so divided.


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Taiwan uses a Fast Fair and Fun approach to solving issues. They have a Presidential Hackathon which is a friendly competition to solve issues inspired by the g0v movement en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G0v

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Fighting the infodemic with no takedowns

Humor over Rumor AKA using Memes to combat Misinformation

we can make it easier for science to spread than conspiracy theories with open access to facts (no more paywalls pls) and shareable images with <200 characters that debunk lies

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Fighting the Pandemic without lockdowns

We can use Open Data to share availability of tests, medical grade masks, c02 levels of indoor spaces, & simplify contact tracing. We should improve ventilation & use Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (i learned this from Naomi Wu on twitter)

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It's mindblowing that the solutions to most of societies issues are explained clearly in youtube videos by @audreyt yet they have less than 1k views & 0 comments.

I'll link the videos here and try to summarize what i learned below


@dansup would be interesting if likes on comments worked as upvotes with option to list by rating or chronological comments. So posts could also work like threads of people sharing useful information

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https://webxdc.org apps radically cut out advertising because tracking and targeting is impossible. As an app developer you can not get at user-data at all because all dataflows between user's devices, app data is only shared in the chat between peers, e2e-encrypted.

Shouldnt app like Mastodon be chronological order instead of Reverse chronological? So we can just read the new stuff and know when we’re up to date?

Some screenshots of the full animation that can be found here (you need to cloth the tv button on the bottom right of video player to watch the animation without the text floating on screen) bilibili.com/video/BV1bK4y1h7o

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The chinese stickfigure animation community is amazing. Heres a small clip of one of their huge collaborations

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the fully open source hardware RISC-V Precursor from bunnie studios is now shipping out to people. pretty insane this thing was actually made

https://www.crowdsupply.com/sutajio-kosagi/precursor #OSHW

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