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Made a thing thats a bit calming. With some recognizable faces and music.

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Search engines should be the business of libraries, not companies.

@neauoire watching Conan is giving me an intense nostalgia feeling even though I’ve never seen it before.

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Player 2 has entered the game! That was... surprisingly easy to add. Read player one's controller at $4016 and read player two's at $4017.

Can I just say that I appreciate the NES's simplicity? 8-bit CPU, 8 buttons. No sweat!

0 - A
1 - B
2 - Select
3 - Start
4 - Up
5 - Down
6 - Left
7 - Right

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Have y'all heard of Art Breeder? It's an ai that lets people submit and mix images to create new images. It's really cool and a good way to get inspiration for 3D modeling or album covers or to make cool creatures

@neauoire have you watched Japan Sinks 2020? I cant help but think of you when i see Kite

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an important report has just been published by my friend emmi: The Decentralized Web of Hate

"Fascists (and other bad actors) are [...] hosting manifestos resiliently, raising money anonymously, communicating securely to organize attacks, sharing weapons plans, and networking to build out their numbers."

"We cannot abandon p2p technology but we also can't ignore the risks. The only way out is through."


This is a short animation I made for this song Pictures On My Wall by Lithe. It's the first video I've ever made where I add 3D models to a video I recorded. It features pictures of some of my friends I met on IG

The Raspberry Pi 400 is pretty cool, I just wish it used the Compute Module so it could be upgraded by just swapping out the main components without have to buy\waste a keyboard and everything else.

Made a short animation. That might include a possible solution to climate change 👀

New Gorillaz album is really good. It's mostly features like the Humanz album but I think this album's great.

Are there any anime you’d consider Solarpunk?

Reading the New Yorker profile on Moxie Marlinspike (the creator of Signal) and found out he made a video zine a long time ago while sailing with friends called Hold Fast

Greta Thunberg and 3 friends put together some research on how the EU is lying about the progress they are making to solve the climate crisis.

@pixelfed another instagram boycott started today lead by huge celebrities. They're freezing their accounts for some time and then going to come back and share iinformation on how harrmful facebook\instagram are. What's status on the Pixelfed app looking like? Without an alternative most people won't be able to leave instagram

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