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@JPEG will the default mast icon stay this green color? That doesn’t seem to match anything I’ve seen associated with mast... and I knows I can pay $30 to change it but....

Could we use to make a easy sourcing standard for info online so the misinformation mess we’re in would be easy to sift through?

If reputable journalism outlets adopted this culture of sourcing facts with a nice ui it’d be pretty helpful for life

Would be interesting if we could subscribe to a post so it worked like a forum thread so ideas and topics could continue to be discussed as time goes on and new information is discovered. @Gargron

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Hey Merveilles Town!

I just wanted to share that I'm launching my own newsletter: Errata Exist.

I'll be writing about things like software development and self improvement.

If that sounds interesting, you can subscribe to it here:

Shout out to @ian for inspiring me through their newsletter!

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Someone's been making (unofficial) elementary os builds for ARM devices

Apparently these work on the Raspberry Pi

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Added directory trees to the microservice docs for PeachCloud and pushed the peach-devdocs repo.

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can merveilles make an open source recaptcha alternative thats dead simple to install

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We gave a talk at XOXO about living and working off the grid, and trying to apply concepts of to our everyday life.

This one was made with Blender models imported from Blizzard games. Here’s a blender model of Mei the characters that’s becoming the face of this.

@dragonlaurita your art style is awesome. Think you could make some Democract Mei fan art or other blizzard characters supporting the Hong Kong protests?

if you've read about the Hearthstone player getting banned from competing and losing his prize money for support democracy in Hong Kong you might also like to know that people are making art with Blizzard character supporting Hong Kong since it will probably cause Blizzard to get banned in china like they did to Winnie the Pooh.

This is Democracy Mei from Overwatch

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MAPEO is an offline-first open-source technology which makes it easy for many to use. No internet or special hardware required to collect, view, or share data.
via @kor

So Google's UX design team has a website and stuff thats pretty cool

this human put together a list of companies that work with ICE. if your interested or might want to contribute:

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