Paper on Tokyo’s medical system handling the pandemic.

“Collapse of medical facilities can be expected to occur on April 26 if no lockdown occurs. The total number of deaths can be expected to be half a million people. If a lockdown were enacted from April 6, and if more than 60% of trips outside the home were restricted voluntarily, then a collapse of medical facilities could be avoided. “

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Hah. Great stuff by ExtinctionRebellion:

Very convincing.

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Does anyone have any reliable information on what to do if you have covid-19? Everything I can find mentions how to avoid spreading it but doesn't mention how to treat the symptoms and stay safe...

friend is experiencing some mild symptoms and her insurance gave her the run around and gave an email to contact that hasn't replied.

if y'all have gaming pc's or workstations you dont use at night consider using it to contribute to the folding@home for Covid-19

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#TIL about #DisasterRadio,
"a disaster-resilient communications network powered by the sun", organised as "a collaborative project between #SudoMesh and Secure #Scuttlebutt, with additional support from the #InternetSociety and Institute For the Future"

Coulr we make múltiple satellites work as a 3d scanner to understand how much clean food, water, energy we consume and produce as a species/planet

anyone get up and do some guerilla gardening? would be nice to have a shared wiki we update with solarpunk practices we have tips\tricks on.

Uighurs that were put in concentration camps are now being forced to make products at factories including for Apple, Nike, and Dell...

“The Washington Post visited a factory mentioned in the report , which produces trainers for sports giant Nike. It said it resembled a prison, with barbed wire, watchtowers, cameras and a police station.”

Im reading No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference by Greta Thunberg and wow I really want to start doing more. I think it’d be great if Merveilles participated in Fridays For Future in our own way. Where every friday we worked on tech or art to help the climate crisis. Would be a great way to participate in the protests for those of us who can’t make it out there.

@neauoire do you use something to periodically change your wallpaper?

@neauoire Do you install your apps through itch? It's a bit frustrating Elementary doesn't show the app icon or let me find Dotgrid in search if I install it through itch

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what icon theme are y'all using on your linux setups?

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