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GreenFediverse is a directory of Fediverse instances with information on how environmentally friendly they are. You can follow the project here:


You can see the directory at

The project uses data from the Green Web Foundation, and is mainly based on whether the instance's hosting provider uses renewable energy.

#Fediverse #Environment #Green #Renewable #RenewableEnergy #Friendica #FunkWhale #Mastodon #PeerTube #PixelFed #Pleroma #WriteFreely

Silicon Valley companies have thousands more Military and ICE contracts than was previously known. If any of y'all know people working at these companies please encourage them to unionize.

@hyperspacedev the link to the non violent public license 404s

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I wonder if there's a good way to get the indie game devs I like to join the fediverse? 🤔

It would be an absolute joy to get the adventure game devs that I love on or something.

Bernie and Biden have setup unity task forces to implement progressive policies co-chaired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Some of the things they've agreed on for climate change include "a goal of eliminating carbon pollution from power plants by 2035, achieving net-zero emissions for all new buildings by 2030, and making energy-saving upgrades to as many as 4 million buildings and 2 million households within five years"

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Chinese government builds new Great Firewall around Hong Kong.

«Freedom is a human right».


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Just released Auto Encrypt Localhost version 5.2.2

You can now access your secure local server over HTTPS from any other device on your local area network using its IPv4 address.

This feature will make it into the next release of Site.js, allowing you to test with multiple devices over your LAN without need to expose your server over the Internet via a service like ngrok.


#SmallTech #TLS #HTTPS #AutoEncryptLocalhost

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Several studies have concluded that the BLM protests haven't increased the spread of COVID19. Here are some reasons why. —

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Support your Mastodon instance. Read your Local Timeline.

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Hi ! To the people who likes to draw, I have an idea ! Every week, we read a chapter from a book and from it we are making one drawing. And we exchange our different vision / result. I don't expect to do beautiful things but I think it's a good way to use our imagination ! What do you think ?

Here's a video about it and how it became popular after the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan

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Here's a great blog post about the use of in Taiwan democracy to allow people to reach consensus in an efficient way

This is an interesting blog post on making social media a kinder place where people can de-escalate by allowing people to admit they made a mistake and offer a Mea Culpa. Would be interesting to try a similar feature on Mastodon @Gargron

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Excellent (and FAST!) writeup on lessons learned. More of this please!

In Defense of Autonomy: Seattle’s CHOP Advanced the Movement for Black Lives

As the police moved to dismantle the Seattle Capitol Hill Organized Protest (formerly “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”) earlier this morning, this piece by Seattle based historian Micheal Reagan eloquently reflects on the power, significance and important weaknesses inherent in the movement. #CHAZ #CHOP

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A new episode of CyberDump by NODE is out. it includes mention of a new Soybean Oil based resin for 3D printing!

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Deleted Instagram and twitter from my phone. Feel so free

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