Finally got out the sun. Love mountains so much 🏔

Anyone know of any remote design job opportunities? I’m still praying Zeit gets back to me but I desperately need a job ASAP

Did this translate correctly?


Why are we using crypto currencies to crowdsource prizes that get unlocked when a state or country goes 100% renewable energy

I have an old laptop I use as a media server running windows 7. Should I change it to Ubuntu?

@mirzaba have you done animation with 2.8 yet? Seeing all these spiderverse inspired animations and spiderverse itself has me itching to do some animation like it

Had the thought if Momo being the protector of Merveilles.


whats up i have a new project!!

📺 default filename tv 📺

is a youtube tv website that only cues videos that never had their filenames changed out of the camera

they've got a vibe and i love watching them, maybe you will too:

(also great for obliterating youtube's watch data profile on you)

Does mastodon have translate plugins yet? Twitter is amazing for including that by default on other languages tweets.

This should be common place across the web.


... and in #GoodNews, #Wire not only confirms they're working on secure, federated chat, but #federation will be part of the #MLS protocol being standardized at the #IETF :
"During this interim the proposal was made to include federation more strongly in the design considerations and the proposal was adopted as a future goal for MLS. Wire's goal has always been to achieve federation between different compatible backends and this brings us one step closer to that goal!"

Have any of you used Habitica? The aesthetic isn’t my taste but the concept of gamifying tasks/todo lists is very interesting

@neauoire Would the RSS feed of XXIIVV allow me to archive all of it to browse offline on my ark and have it update XXIIVV when I go online?

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