a "no-cial" network,

where you write your thoughts and feelings.

you can follow other people who write about their thoughts and feelings.

but you can't comment or interact.

you can't see who or how many people are following you or have read your thoughts and feelings.

you just write into the void, and have no clue if anyone is listening.

Иногда я горжусь тем, что я человек.

Sometimes I'm proud to be human.

I think I finished making my friends website. I would appreciate y'alls opinions 🙏🏽


иногда я чувствую гордость быть человеком

@neauoire what would that be called? a sailsub? sailboat sub?

so apparently you can buy submarines online...

@neauoire could Pino 2.0 get submarine capabilities


I wonder how much work it would be to build a #FreeCode audio podcasting studio? One that:
* records audio tracks from hosts and/or guests who are not necessarily in the same physical location
* automates as much as possible of the editing and offers a friendly UI for the rest
* compresses and uploaded finished episode with a single click
* creates automatic transcriptions
* auto-generates new entries for the podcast website
* allows for live-streaming during recording


:triangle: idea.

a Political Party called:

Everyone Poops


:triangle: idea.

Use machine learning to train Closed Captioning on comedy shows/movies so punch lines are delivered with better timing.

@JPEG still can't turn off pop-ups regardless if the setting is enabled or not

fwiw Apple is one of favorite companies and they seem to be the best when it comes to design. If they were to be transparent of the cost of devices so the premium price we are paying helps the people committed to making them

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