Have y’all heard of ? It’s pretty damn genius. It uses email to create an end to end encrypted chat program that looks like WhatsApp. @delta thanks for your amazing work!

@neauoire @nx @delta nice, I imported my private key and it works flawlessly :)

@nx @delta i think i noticed it on fdroid. but thought it won't be as fast as jabber or irc.

@nx @delta It really sounds like a great idea, and I honestly tried to use it for a month. Sadly, it doesn't work in practice as good as it sounds.

@nx @delta First of all, react app.

Second, you really want a dedicated e-mail account for it, forget about re-using an existing e-mail — it scans all your inbox every time looking for the messages, and it's slow, plus the messages are not getting moved out of the way instantly.

Then there is the delay that makes conversations difficult, and the fact that messages come out of order.

I also had some problems using it with two different clients, but I think I eventually resolved that (can't remember).

@nx @delta In any case, this was a while ago, maybe it's better now.

@nx Anyone willing to send/receive a few messages to test how it works? p at

@pk my message should appear in the contact request section

@nx Thanks! Nice to see it works out of the box, even that I'm not using a popular email provider. :)

@nx @delta email as a carrier is far too leaky in it’s metadata though. Also if greylisting is in operation it’s potentially slow.

@Baggypants @delta I wonder if the delta team has any plans for hiding obfuscating some of the metadata. Idk how possible that would be though

@delta @Baggypants awesome! You have the word the written twice in the to/cc section btw. “For opportunistic chats > the the < main concern is how it affects other mail apps who might participate in chats” 😅

@nx @delta
Nein, war mir unbekannt. Teste das jetzt mit mir selbst aus.

@nx @delta @LiFux
Läuft. Um Privat und Arbeit zu trennen, wären mindestens zwei Acc. sinnvoll. Alternativ müssten sich zwei Instanzen parallel starten lassen. Geht das irgendwie?

@disprax @nx @LiFux ja - es gibt noch kein multi-account feature auf Android, aber man kann Delta einmal über F-Droid und einmal über GPlay (oder apk von installieren. Dann hat man auch 2 accounts.

@delta @nx @LiFux Eine Idee. Danke.
Unter Win10 geht das leider nicht.

@disprax @nx @LiFux ah, der Desktop Client kann sowieso multi-account. Den gibts auch unter :)

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