Spotify uses a ton of energy for streaming. Spotify makes billions while 90% of artists make pennies. Spotify makes A TON of money from ads that are b4 songs uploaded without permission and/or use samples that aren’t cleared.

Is it unethical to use Spotify instead of pirating music and listening to the mp3s offline? Sending $1 on Bandcamp to a musician is probably more than they’ll ever make from you streaming their songs and uses way less electricity.

@nx With a couple friends and my dad, we're pooling music budgets to buy CDs or digital files from Bandcamp

We then share the FLAC collections and have a small Funkwhale instance to listen to that music on the go.

These days, it's mostly just me contributing, but IMO it's a much more ethical model, and gets more money in artists' pockets!

We also do something similar for game OSTs — I accumulated a decent-sized library by now!

@nx If I remember correctly, you can download songs from Spotify for offline listening as well, and Bandcamp also allows music streaming.

I still think buying music off Bandcamp is way more ethical than using Spotify for all sorts of reasons. I just wanted to point out that flaw in this particular argument.

@nx I buy from Bandcamp these days after ditching Spotify last year. I get Flac quality music, that I can listen to off line, on any device. My only problem is some labels are CD or streaming only with no digital purchase option. For this I’ll have to buy a usb cd drive and the music cds to rip. Very 1990s

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