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Hi, I'm Kira!

I'm a white nonbinary trans girl in my early 30s.

I am a verrry curious humyn. I value my connection to plants & nature, free software, small simple handmade tools, exploring new things & places, making interesting things, & doing experiments.


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Currently, I'm studying earthskills, sailing, various DIY skills, & how to think more like a scientist. I'm partway into my gender metamorphosis, and healing past wounds & traumas. I'm here to have fun, learn & share new things, and make friends.


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I communicate best with people who utilize #1-#7 of and have low tolerance for people who behave unkindly or who I don't feel comfortable around, and will mute or block as needed.


Kira boosted is a really cool idea & *such* a great vibe
Β»If you want to build a Sunday Site
1. Write HTML and CSS.
2. Don't use JavaScript. Figure out ways to achieve something similar with HTML.
3. Automate as little as possible. Keep it manual until it hurts.
4. Sign your site with a link to your user page.
5. Have fun!

What if..

mastodon, except without federation. Each instance has the space to develop its own deeply unique culture, separate from the rest of the internet. And while travel between instances is possible, it's more akin to going on a journey to a far away place, and finding yourself immersed in their local instance's culture, vs simply seeing other instance's members aggregated in your local timeline.

Because my paid work uses slack, a few years ago I hacked together an irc bridge for myself using slack's bot api, and tbh it's been amazing: I can just use a fast irc client, and only need to dip into the chunky web app maybe twice a month for more obscure features.

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Here's a zine "review" featuring an adorable ACAB mole. I draw these zine reviews every month for a Belgian comics website.

#comics #zines

Also check out Feynmann's poem on the 2nd page! This is the kind of stuff inspired me to get into science.

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"Our freedom to doubt was born of a struggle against authority in the early ages of science. It was a very deep and strong struggle. Permit us to question -- to doubt, that's all -- not to be sure."

Folx who use a mechanical keyboard regularly:

What kind did you choose? What do you like & dislike about it?

Before JS, I mostly wrote Java. And honestly? I miss having clearly defined types, and having more confidence after the compiler had run.

That said, not having to think about types can be really nice for hacking together small programs!

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how 2 channel feelings into art?

asking for a friend (is me)

Doing a lot better today. A good sleep & morning meditation helped. :tealheart:

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psa that putting vi/vim down as your pronouns is, among other things, not even a good or unique joke

Getting lots of noise from this.

Please don't @ me.

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Today is an Overwhelming Anxiety and Dysphoria Day.

Kira needs new coping skills. O__O

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