Last time I wrote as much music was in *checking time-tracker* 2011.

@neauoire i'm really enjoying your new beats each day ^.^

@oak I only have 2-3 more patterns in my sleeve, I better find ideas to last until the 31st haha.

I'm glad you're enjoying the beats :>


@neauoire I still only have a super vague idea of how what you're doing is put together. I've messed with sunvox and orca once, so I get how they're wired up, but there's a lot of higher-level orca trickery going on here than is intuitive to me.

How much time do you spend before each jam track setting up stuff in sunvox (or whatever you're using) and orca before recording?

@oak about 20 seconds, I use Enfer, a little synth I made, which I know by heart and is already setup to my exact needs and style. I don't need to fiddle with it at all.

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