If you support bitcoin, you're also supporting massive production of CO2, environmental destruction, and, of course, capitalism.

If any of this comes as a surprise, please, do some reading. :tealheart:

Getting lots of noise from this.

Please don't @ me.

I love 🙄 the "purchaser of last resort for electrical production" spin on Bitcoin energy consumption. They talk like they're making it easier to build green capacity rather than keeping coal plants online

@yaaps @oak

You are coming at this from a position of extreme privilege. You aren't considering people in parts of the world that don't have access to banking services or pay exorbitant fees to transfer money within the legacy financial system. Also don't forget the silent theft of inflation used by governments to fund war.

Your statement about energy use isn't verifiable however even if you were correct isn't an inclusive financial system worth it?

Do you know what's better than an industry that claims 74% of its 92.8 terawatt annual energy consumption comes from clean energy? Not using the 92.8 terawatts in first place, maybe

Clap at me about privilege when I'm coming from privilege, not just when you want to stop me from speaking out against your flavor of capitalist fuckery

@oak i don't have bitcoin but i did throw a plastic container into a plastic bag today

@oak and both are gonna end up in the ocean in a few months, no doubt

I mainly agree with the linked thread and frequently laugh at people that want to use blockchains everywhere (eg Jack Dorsey)

However, I think there are legit applications to blockchains, and that decentralized banking is one of them. We /just/ need to fix the proof of work issue.
Verifying transactions is not what consumes most of the energy. The competition between transact. verifiers (aka miners) does. The worst part is that apart from PoW, all these computations serve no real purpose

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