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I'm in the New York Times today talking about bots and disinformation. And how the Great Bot Scourge is mostly exaggerated and misunderstood.

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@cblgh may i have an 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header on svp ; - ]

ayami kojima produced oil paintings for a number of products this year including the covers of fiction anthology 'vampiric' for kurodahan press and musician kamijo's single 'temple'

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If you've been following the walkout at Riot Games, you might be interested in what happened in 1998 when developers at a Canadian game studio threatened a walkout. (Spoiler: working conditions were improved.) I wrote about it for Vice Games (formerly Waypoint) today.

current object fixation: fire king’s gorgeous jadeite glassware

been authoring gamepad support for my part time project over the last couple months. the modern approach to this is whitelisting recognizable devices toward xinput-style spec.

having written support for iCade devices (because i am able to) it is an interesting mess to reflect on -- tech conceived as an april fools joke come to fruition, eventually killed by apple for piratic hubris.

even (especially?) community projects prove resistant to legible device standards...

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