Okay, following up on the recommendation I got from people to just finish stuff, here's a "finished" thing I made over the past few days! Learned a lot about synths in the process~ I really like the idea of the noise that I use here, not sure if I executed it very well though.

So I want to ask all music producers here: What do you use to make your music and how did you go from complete amateur to being happy with your own work? Music is so important to me, and I want to be able to create it as a hobby without constantly being dissatisfied with my own work, instead of appreciating the process.
Thank you for reading!

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On the topic of music, I have yet to make anything I'm at least somewhat happy with. With synths in Sunvox I have been unable to create a synth I feel like actually using, and melody wise I never manage to make something I can enjoy listening back to. The only things I have been happy with are the small jungle tracks I've made in Protracker, but I feel like I have barely made those songs due to all the sounds being samples, rather than something I myself have created.

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Hello again Merveillians, it's been a while!

A lot has happened since I was last properly active (although I have not stopped paying attention to all the wonderful things on the instance, it's always a joy to see what everyone's up to :) )

As of late I have almost completely lost interest in programming, which used to be my main hobby. Rather I have grown a large interest in music - both in terms of listening and creating.

Are bad experiences necessary to be able to appreciate the good ones?

How would you do chord progressions in Orca? I have a module that bangs on every frame that I would want to change chords, but I'm having problems turning this into an incrementing number...

@forever how are you learning Latin at the moment? Any resources you recommend?

@noa Seems like the first link on this page is broken: noa.gaiwan.org/bookmarks.html
Loving your new website btw~ :)

@neauoire Can Orca not send MIDI signals in octave 0? I'm using Orca-C and Sunvox's piano roll goes down to the 0th octave, but setting the MIDI output in Orca to octave 0 yields no output (1 and above works fine).

Does anyone know any good resources for learning how to build synths in a program like Sunvox or VCV?

Forget it! I found you can set a module to a specific MIDI channel in its properties. Leaving this in case anyone else finds it useful/myself in the future.

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Does anyone here know how MIDI connects to Sunvox? I've been trying to set up Orca with Sunvox via MIDI, but Orca will only play the instrument I have selected in Sunvox, regardless of what MIDI channel I'm sending the input through. I'd like to be able to use the channel to select the module to be played, I guess.

I'm listening to Nonagon Infinity for the first time and holy shit it's incredible. Some of the best music I've ever experienced.

Made some pins for me and my friends in preparation for the local pride event ^^

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