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Hi! I go by opfez and I'm a person deeply interested in exploring computation and learning new concepts and ways of thought. I'm fond of small communities like tildes and this instance; there's a certain aesthetic to them I very much admire. I'm excited to be a part of this community and getting to know you all!

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Hmm, Haskell's type system is getting in my way. Why isn't there an easy way to filter all values of a type with a specific type constructor?

my aoc solutions link 

My Advent of Code solutions are up at
Doing them in Haskell/Scheme~

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All right, creatures of earth.

Did you find any good music this year? What did you like the most? Where can we buy it? Drop me a link, I want to expand my horizons beyond weird ambient.

If you made music, obvs you love it, pls share where we can best support you!


Z-buffer implementation finally half-working! \o/
Not working well when triangles are intersecting, but works great for non-intersecting models (notice how the ear on the other side of the monkey head is not rendering through the head).

XML ranting 

What is even the point of XML? Really, even at the time of its inception there were better formats available.

feels like time is moving too quickly, i don't have time to sit down and collect my thoughts

I wish I had the courage to talk to more random people. I see so many people with cool styles and I want to compliment them, but I can't bring myself to do it.

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oh WOW

Death Road to Canada uses a homemade Forth (Deathforth) for its scripting :D :D :D

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Added support for tables in my markup language for my wiki. Now, time to make some comparisons and put it to use.

Does anyone know a good resource for learning Russian? I know basic stuff, but I'd love to have a book or something to learn conjugation and other grammar.

@tty Hi! I think the subjects you post about are really interesting, so I'd love to be able to follow you and/or talk to learn more about this stuff~

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"Someone is going to wire up their Super Nintendo to a solar panel array, and folks from all walks of life are going to come over to play Street Fighter, or just to watch. We’re all going to grow most of our own food, and we’re all going to deal with our own trash, wash our own dishes."

Does anyone know any good material (books, tutorials, etc.) for getting into APL? It looks interesting and I'd love to learn a bit.

cc @eris

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i wish more places that are "programming discussion" were more for "programming, the artform // programming as a means of production" and not "programming the profession"

reddit is especially bad for this

Huh, didn't know you could make links have text surrounding them as part of the CSS of a web page (the "content" tag of a:before and a:after). Gonna use that now so copy pasting stuff from my page is easier.

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