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Hi there everybody, my name's Séamus, and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my partner and two cats. Lovely to meet you all!

My passions are mainly music, illustration, design, gamedev, tabletop role-playing, rock climbing, vegan cooking and figuring out how to live well with bipolar.

I'll be using this account to post about my creative work, blather about game design, and make notes about mental health.

software preservation 

Oh wow, this looks *incredibly* slick. Completely custom FW, really pretty UI design. Love that this device still has such a strong little following.

Turns out my old Nokia N900 not only still works, but holds a pretty mean charge when its cellular antenna is turned off. Given that there are a couple of aftermarket Linux distros available for it, I might just see if I can turn it into a tiny portable computer :3

Chatting about space games here and on other social networks really makes me wish for one that ditched almost all of the simulation, and just focused purely on atmosphere and the feeling of scale; that particular contemplative vibe you get from being completely alone and insignificant in the vastness of space.

Learning HTML / CSS just now and all I want to make are plaintext sites using Helvetica with no line margins

sometimes good ideas are just dumb ideas

Quite honestly, there's a part of me fantasizing about all the free time I'll have to work on personal projects when my current job finishes. This is not ideal when I have bills to pay, haha

the zero horned unicorn: rarer by far than the unicorn is this rare mutation which does not grow a horn. looks like a regular horse.

Sorry I've been so quiet on here recently. Lost / quit my job of 12 years the other week. Life is very weird right now. Hopefully it works out for the best. Keep doing what you're all doing you beautiful folks.

I've not really been super keen on black metal for a while, but discovered Immortal brought out a new album last year, and listening to it makes me want to to run around LARPing in a snow-covered forest, which I *guess* is a good thing?

Currently feeling conflicted. I have some people asking me if I'd consider releasing my music on Spotify, and while I'm fully willing to put it down to personal stubbornness, I absolutely detest Spotify as a platform.

I genuinely don't know if keeping my music exclusively on Bandcamp is pointlessly limiting (and a little selfish), or whether I should try and stick to my principles on this. Hrrrm.

In my observation of tech culture as an unsuccessful drifter through it is that it's very easy to lose sight to how overvalued programming is monetarily to all the other labor needed for society to function

I know too many tired and broke nurses, teachers, and janitors and too many uncomfortably well off code slingers

Absolutely pointless nerd shit that I would do if I had more money than sense: Take an IBM Power9 motherboard, graft it inside a Mac Pro case, install Debian with GNOME, and make pretend an alternate reality where Apple never abandoned the Powermac line.

This song might just have been my favourite track to come out of last year. Played loud it's intense and massive.

mental health, post-gig blues 

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