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Hi there everybody, my name's Séamus, and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my partner and two cats. Lovely to meet you all!

My passions are mainly music, illustration, design, gamedev, tabletop role-playing, rock climbing, vegan cooking and figuring out how to live well with bipolar.

I'll be using this account to post about my creative work, blather about game design, and make notes about mental health.

This song might just have been my favourite track to come out of last year. Played loud it's intense and massive.

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Had an absolutely wonderful time playing the support slot for Grendel last weekend. My friend sent me these photos which seemed very in-keeping with the Merveilles monochrome theme ;)

Proud to say that almost everything I've been working on for the new live set has been done exclusively on Surge. Open source is love. Surge's FM and wavetable stuff lets you go deeeeep.

Oh god I'm playing a show supporting Grendel in a few days and I am terrified. Not worked on music for nearly five years now, why the hell did I agree to this arrrrggghhhhh

Sculpted a zombie head tonight. Not the most original thing ever, but really pleased with how quickly it came together for a few hours work.

I'm really looking forward to Torque 3D finally releasing 4.0. It's so cool to me that the codebase that powered Starsiege Tribes is still being updated, and will soon get a new version featuring a modern DX11 physically-based renderer, global illumination, and a behaviour tree plugin. All licensed under MIT.

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I don't really find Star Citizen as a 'game' too compelling, but it's also the only game I've played where I've just happily sat on an in-game public transportation system and watched the world go by. It's kind of magical. I think this piece of music really helps sell that feeling of lonely contemplation.

@jplebreton My big, huge, utopian dream for humanity is, "Be the first known species to not drown in its own filth when given the chance." I am trying to look the Great Filter in the eye and shout, "Someone's gotta be first you bastard"

Overconfidence in the specific path or overall rate of technological process serves capitalist expansionism. You can perpetrate all kinds of harmful shit if you believe tech is going to take care of the externalities later. That doesn't mean don't dream of better possibilities, just don't assume that scifi concept X is eventually going to become a reality simply because you really want it to.

Reading Akira has got me drawing again, finally got around to sketching my character Adélie.

I love the fact that everybody is super considerate about tagging for content on Mastodon. I will never miss opening Tumblr on the bus to work and being bombarded with smut.

@switchingsocial Brave's founder and CEO (formerly of Mozilla until ousted) donated $1,000 in support of Prop 8 in California, banning marriage equality. Not one penny should go to him.

An idea very often crystallises to us as worthwhile, or interesting only in retrospect, once it’s been previously deemed as too convoluted, or seemingly revised too many times, deemed as redundant first.

Jules' parents' garden is basically one huge unintentional rewilding project. It is beautiful.

Aberdeen: fantastic city if you are a monochrome enthusiast

In Aberdeen for the week. Jules found a wonderful little vegan cafe with an allotment. Just devoured a seitan wrap and it's giving me goddamn life.

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