I live in 'the lesbian capital of the UK', everyone you meet here is as likely to be queer as not, and there's a small trans community living their lives in relative peace in this amazing valley. Even here the terfs are causing trouble, trans women were recently targeted with 'gender is binary' scrawled in huge letters on the toilet wall of the most progressive and inclusive venue in the north. Glad to read some sanity on the issue in that Judith Butler interview.

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I'm a developer seeking a job in:

Quick bracelet: Spider plant cordage and a stone from the local stream with two small drilled holes.

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Manyverse is React Native and it shows in a lot of places (grinds to a halt when doing network io). There's one other Android client but that involves Rust and Go in the build chain and hasn't had a commit since April: github.com/sunrise-choir/sunri Apache has an interesting lib suite, Tuweni: github.com/apache/incubator-tu - I'm not about to take on another project (and I don't have the crypto knowledge anyway) but a fully native Android solution would be desirable and Tuweni would make a good starting point

I've been doing some cursory reading of the pros and cons of various decentralised/p2p solutions. Does anyone know of any negatives of Secure Scuttlebutt? It seems elegant from a user perspective and I'm unaware of any controversies or major problems.

I've been developing mobile apps 17 years (starting on BlackBerry) and every single company I've worked at has done Big Design Up Front (BDUF). Not a single one, no matter how they market their dev practices, has iterated or done dogfooding (actually using the software you make).

The aim of any image processing software should be to make a photo look like it was cut out of a 1970s magazine.

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Social media, fear of the future 

Yesterday I watched thesocialdilemma.com. It filled me with dread, even if I was already well aware of the issues it covers, and despite the Black Mirror vibe feeling a bit too heavy-handed (but probably necessary.)

The ad/media/tech industry is causing societal damage on an unprecedented level, and seeing the whole ecosystem explained by some of the very people who created it is quite chilling.

Watch it if you can, it offers a striking perspective.

The PM is also new and inherited the mess and he's jokingly said he's going to hand his notice in, he's stressed. So all this cascading stress from piss poor management and a previous employee who just couldn't code competently is now reaching my children.

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This industry is messed up. My wife's on the verge of tears because she's trying to do more childcare and is exhausted, because I inherited a messed up project and am stressed and have too much work. The project was due a full year before I joined the company, so the client's rightfully pissed.

There are parallels here with the UK Gov Covid app; trying to circumvent Android service API power saving measures and ending up with a hopelessly unreliable product.

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Thought I'd dust off my goTenna units today but after reading the reviews on Play Store it's clear they never fixed their software, essentially abandoning the consumer market to concentrate on military applications: play.google.com/store/apps/det

They used a lone dev early on who didn't understand Android architecture or Bluetooth. I hoped by now they'd have got things sorted but it appears not.

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Maya Gabeira surfed a 73.5-foot wave in February, breaking a world record in the process. The footage of that wave is insaaane..!

Link to video:

If you don't mind actually receiving email the protocol mailing list has some great stuff happening on it at the moment.

I got this small corner of the attic finished so I can start working in here. The danger is I'll neglect the rest, or the opposite: neglect work and spend too much time fitting up the rest of the space.

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