There are parallels here with the UK Gov Covid app; trying to circumvent Android service API power saving measures and ending up with a hopelessly unreliable product.

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Thought I'd dust off my goTenna units today but after reading the reviews on Play Store it's clear they never fixed their software, essentially abandoning the consumer market to concentrate on military applications:

They used a lone dev early on who didn't understand Android architecture or Bluetooth. I hoped by now they'd have got things sorted but it appears not.

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Maya Gabeira surfed a 73.5-foot wave in February, breaking a world record in the process. The footage of that wave is insaaane..!

Link to video:

If you don't mind actually receiving email the protocol mailing list has some great stuff happening on it at the moment.

I got this small corner of the attic finished so I can start working in here. The danger is I'll neglect the rest, or the opposite: neglect work and spend too much time fitting up the rest of the space.

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The guy who maintains Helm, an important package in Emacs, is a 57-year old alpine mountain guide who learned to program when he was 42, as a hobby.

Found some time to implement bookmarks in Gem/Två using Room (Android SQLite DAO). Just need to fix up some bugs and improve some areas then it should be ready for a 1.0.0 release (will do F-Droid and Play Store as well as self-host)

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Slow progress on the loft conversion between two young children, a pandemic, and a looming work deadline. I like the old with the new. That purlin is probably older than the United States.

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Android 11 has been released and the socket handling has changed in a subtle way which breaks Två/Gem - so I'll need to do a new build in the next day or two.

I think I'm going to rename Två to Gem. Simpler and no pronunciation issues.

This evening in I've been asking myself if it's really worth keeping in touch with the family you're born into if your entire history with them is traumatic and dysfunctional?

Lätt: it's a little buggy and rough around the edges but it can produce some beautiful results. Moor Divock, looking back to Askham Fell, Cumbria.

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I found notes and screenshots from reading Papanek a few years ago. Some great bits.

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