We headed down into the valley to shop at the weekly market and it was so good to see some familiar faces. Town was looking beautiful too.

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@oppen how far do you live from town? I've been curious since you shared that picture of the hilltops where you live :)

@neauoire close enough to be convenient, but far enough that it still feels remote up here. You can walk down in half an hour, but it takes an hour back up, it's very steep. So it's effort rather than distance. We're exposed too, so in winter we can be snowed in, while the valley gets a light dusting.

@neauoire there's a famous yearly fell race called the 'Red Hot Toddy' that's meant to be a challenge, but for everyone that lives up here it's just the walk home from the pub. I've walked home from the train station in town before and overtaken runners struggling.

@oppen it looks like a gorgeous place to live, can you remind me the name of the town?

@neauoire Todmorden, West Yorkshire. Hippies moved into neighbouring Hebden Bridge in the 60s, then a cheap run down old mill town. Today Hebden is gentrified and middle-class but the hippie vibe is all over the Calder valley. Todmorden is more gritty and real, a mix of the original mill workers descendents and aging ravers/ex-ravers who moved here from Manchester to have families.

@oppen Thanks I was wondering how far north it was in the UK.

It looks like a nice place to live, lots of little waterways to drift in a canal boat too.

@neauoire me and my 3 year old daughter are well up for buying a canal barge... My wife not so much. I jokingly say if she ever leaves me I'd join the boat people, there's a thriving community of barges a half mile from town, a little floating shanty village. The local pub (before lockdown) would have a crazy mix of ravers, farmers, canal folk, working class drunks, older people well into their 60s and 70s, all dancing and partying together.

@oppen @neauoire that crazy mix is the dream.

i enjoyed my visit to huddersfield a few years back--- hope to return some day. incredible landscape (and performance spaces).

@oppen have you tried doing a weekend on a barge together before?

@neauoire no, but I did suggest it today while we were down at the canal. My wife S really misses some sun, but with the pandemic and flygskam it might be an idea.

Where... No, *when* do you live? This looks too beautiful to be the present day!

Seriously though, excellent shot!
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