As an experiment I made a client for with zero dependencies that runs on any device, all the way back to API 1. Currently a single file, 178 lines long with a compiled binary of 112k.

Not sure why this is getting so much attention but here's the progress since this morning. I'll fix the awful code and rough edges and release it soon.

@oppen let me know when it's ready to join its bigger sibling in my repo, or (one of) the two should go to #fdroid

(be welcome linking that from Ariane's page :awesome:)

@oppen I think it's because it's small and works on everything. It's the most Gemini thing I've seen this year. I love it.

@stevelord had a refactor and it's 55kb now. I'd have finished it before tooting I'd known it'd get this much interest.

@oppen if a release is ready before wednesday I'd love to bung a link in this week's dork web issue.

@stevelord I'll get a build up on my website by the end of the day - Play Store submissions take a few days at the moment.

@oppen because gemini and older devices (stuck on old api versions) are meant for each other. Thank you

@oppen Nice, where can I get it? I still have an Android Developer Phone 1 around, where I could try it on actual Android 1.

@linmob I'll put a release up in the next day or two. On a very old device you still may struggle with outdated system TLS.

@oppen Hey! Ariane gemini client is by opennlab as well. Would love to see it on f-droid. Currently only available on the play store. Best wishes (:

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