Phaedra 1.0 available for Android now at:

This is a rough alpha so don't expect too much. 55Kb though!

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@Sandra web or gemini? On Gemini I think I used the IP instead of a domain because I'm an idiot, will fix that this week (check by browsing gemini:// instead of - the web cert is supplied by my hosts so _should_ be fine but I had a weird glitch with it earlier.

@Sandra I think the error is mine - I'll look into it. I'm not seeing any errors on any browser here though (apart from one briefly earlier)

@Sandra yeah, I need to configure my node.js server to handle the intermediate cert too - I'll investigate in the morning, but yes, my error - not MITM.

@oppen Thanks for letting me know, always paranoid about that spoovy old Eve!

@Sandra I'm a mobile developer not server/backend, can you tell? I'll get there ...

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