This guy has got it sorted. What a life. We walked down the canal, fed the ducks and geese, and the sun surprised everyone by making an appearance. There was a beautiful barge for sale... maybe in 20 years once the kids have left home.

@oppen where is this? looks... soothing kind of atmosphere.

Not everyone can see the "hover text". Tusky shows it to all, but other apps or in Browsers only screenreader can see the alt-text. @luka @oppen

@blueplanetslittlehelper @edavies @oppen thanks, it was my slippage, i use tusky and indeed it's there, i just didn't see it. sorry for the noise

No problem. Not everyone uses Tusky, though, and so it would not be o.k. to refer to something only covered in text not everyone can see. I made this mistake, too (This pesky little character limit! Look, there are more characters, that's great! 😉) and didn't know until someone asked me how I knew a picture didn't contained a description...
@edavies @oppen

@blueplanetslittlehelper Fair point that some apps might not show it, which would be a bug I'd think.

Indeed, browsers don't show the alt text but they do show the title attribute on hover which Mastodon, at least, sets.

@edavies Neither my browser (duckduckgo) nor Pinafore (inside the browser) or Tusky (outside) show this hovering title attribute you mentioned. Maybe due to it being on a Smartphone and not a desktop with mouse cursor?
Tusky shows the alt-text, but even if I download the image there is no title but a random number. If this is a bug it is fairly consistent.

@luka Todmorden, West Yorkshire. It's a lovely town.

@oppen oh wow! When I saw the pic I thought "hey that looks like Hebden Bridge" :D

@320x200 our middle-class neighbours... it's very pretty in Heb but we keep it a bit more real in Tod.

@oppen I lived in Hebden Bridge, for a couple of years, 15 years ago or so. Really miss the walks.

@320x200 more public footpaths per sq/km than anywhere else in the country apparently. We're resisting moving there... it _is_ prettier but...

@oppen one thing i've been curious about, the windows are so very tiny. does it feel claustrophobic inside? or do people that live on these also spend a lot of time "outside" too?


It can be a great life, but see how you feel after the second winter afloat.

The first one may go well, but it's only after the second winter that the other boaters will acknowledge you as a real boater.

It's when most people quit, and when most boaters choose to never go back. :D

@BillySmith they say the same up here on the tops, lots of people sell up after the first winter.


And the boaters that make it past the second winter never move back to land. :D

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