Drew DeVault has some correct criticisms of Matrix. Although I haven't run a server myself directly, I've been in close contact with people who have, and I know what a task it is.

However, DD seems to think this disqualifies Matrix all together. I'd like to think that it can overcome these difficulties, maybe with upcoming implementations like Dendrite.


@makeworld this is the guy that threatened to black hole your users if your browser implemented favicons right?

@oppen @makeworld I also seem to recall his response to Github changing its default branch to "main" included both "Nobody was talking about this before this year" AND "I've been following this issue for several years now".

@oppen yes this is him. I'm not sure it's really related like you claim though.

@makeworld well, as someone running a service he's in a position of power and threatened to abuse that power - so I think it's hilarious when he writes things like this.

@oppen @makeworld that's literally the point he's making though, right? like even if he blackholed users he can't stop them from visiting other capsules, and even if he blackholed users in gmnisrv you could just go choose a different server.

it is amusing that he is the type of person to abuse his power that he mentions in the article, but he's sort-of proving his own point here

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