During this time away from computers something's been crystallising in my head: the culture and drama around foss/open source/floss/whatever-you-want-to-call-it isn't something I want to waste any more time with. I happily spent most of my life writing code without this culture war being a part of it.

@oppen Yes, you're far better off spending time writing code. Egobattles will blow over and be forgotten soon enough.

@oppen I'm of the same mind. I write and maintain GPL software every day in my free time, but the FSF and GNU politics is not really a concern.

I will say this. The FSF and theGNU project could have done so much more in the past 30 years to enhance user freedom and privacy by working with other organizations, but instead they wasted it on semantics (GNU/Linux?) and aggravating others, rather than working with people with common ideals.

@mattrose as soon as I'm back from this holiday I'll be throwing myself back into my side projects, but I'm leaving all that drama in my past. It wasn't even on my radar at all until this past year and it's all incredibly depressing and juvenile.

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