Another advantage of over .epub, it's just plain text, even without a reader app you can comfortably read

@oppen but what about [from my mouth pour a list of a hundred EPUB features no one but textbook authors want, and also a swarm of bees]

@ryan there's a parallel here with Gemini Protocol and Beaker Browser et al.

@oppen how does VS know chapters?? Did you set it to markdown or something. (never use VS myself)

@jasper nothing fancy, it's just ordered by filename


gempub seems like a very close approximation to Markdown, which is what I use to author books (as processed by pandoc).

@vandys yes Gemtext is simpler subset of Markdown - by design. It removes all the inline syntax, meaning you can discern what a line is just by inspecting the first few chars. You'd struggle to write a concise implementation of MD without masses of opaque regex, but Gemtext can be done in a couple of dozen lines of plain string parsing in any language.

@oppen i will have to look at this publishing format… i have been thinking textbundle but havent read enough yet… (for my next book.)

@ringo there's no implementation anywhere yet, I'll get to work on a reference reader soon. But it may be a great fit as an authoring format; it can easily be parsed into more well-known formats but is simple and frictionless to create texts in without any custom tools (another advantage I hadn't thought of until just now)

@oppen without the need for heavy pearl scripting and such equally painful things ? is it anything like luascript or is this actually containerized ruby implementation? sorry i just kind of fell into your thing, but i am thoroughly intrigued as a linux guy and author both… im writing a sci fi right now, and blog in about ten different places..

@oppen i would like to test it with :D my first book. i am into the idea of a simple presentation. i have been using and i will never create another joomla site again.. just too much weight there. so your gemini project is most intriguing to me and very refreshing… :D

Looks interesting. How you do dat?
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