These signs are all around Todmorden, I like them because they're not a command, just a reminder, and they're not that toxic positivity you find a lot of in unhealthy workplaces.

I've also been thinking about how a lot of the toxicity in open source might be due to the 'double empathy' problem, compounded by text being the primary communication medium, and exacerbated further by autistics have no filter: we speak directly in any situation.


The double empathy problem can be bad between two autistic people too (the saying goes 'once you've met 1 autistic person, you've met 1 autistic person').

This led me on to thinking about community and workplace codes of conduct and how they're often a gatekeeping mechanism for the benefit of neurotypical people, and since Covid arrived an increase (I imagine) of tone policing in online work channels like Slack

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