Well, I was going to attempt a Gemini server using Ktor this morning but Jetbrains have removed plugin support from IDEA Community Edition. I guess I could just use it without the plugin but this has already given me the same bad vibes I got when I had a look at Qt recently.

This was actually a blessing, because I've now investigated Kotlin node.js and have a basic server up and running already. My existing Gemini server is node.js so porting that javascript horror show to Kotlin _should_ be more pleasant, and no need to run the JVM on my server.

@oppen wait does kotlin not need the JVM? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding

@embyr The Kotlin JS framework converts your Kotlin project to JavaScript, so JVM only needed for development in the IDE. The shipped project is all JS.

@jameschip I looked at using it and immediately ran into various licensing issues with the tooling

@oppen is this a gnu thing? I never really looked at licence for qt but assumed it was pretty open.

@jameschip I filled out some online form badly when evaluating it and my install got remotely disabled. Can't remember what I was doing because my memory is terrible, I think I was looking at doing some Pinephone investigation with Kotlin Native

@oppen @jameschip Hmm, qt community edition should be GPL & LGPL, and you can download it (maybe not binaries, but compilable source at least) without an account or form.

@nytpu @jameschip sure, it's dual licensed - I know that! I just didn't navigate the online forms very well. Filled out something wrong then had my install disabled mid development. That was enough for me to decide never to use it again.

@oppen jeez I had no idea they had such a silly licence setup. I just assumed that it was fully open and free to use as it turns up so much on nix.

Have not used it myself but had considered it before. Not hearing this now though.

@jameschip I do have a tendency to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater' on these thing, don't trust my judgement on anything!

@oppen I do the same to be honest. If it can be disabled from their end because of a mistake I will inevitably make then I can’t be bothered to give it the time. And I will make that mistake, it’s kinda my thing.

@oppen @jameschip I do think it's bullshit that they're locking LTS releases behind a paywall. Qt6 is absolutely not stable and cannot be considered a production release, but they definitely released it as an excuse to lock 5.15 away

@nytpu I didn't even know about that, but yup, that's the exact type of thing that makes me run a mile.

@oppen @jameschip Oh, are you not on a *nix system? I remember the development version being a PITA to install on Mac OSX, but on *nix it seems like it's always in the repos/ports where you don't even need to sign up or deal with the qt company at all

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