This is good (came via @alcinnz, but it was an orange site link and I can't bring myself to retoot from there!):

@oppen Just finished reading it myself!

Btw, here's my goto example, the epitomy, of terrible design to overembracing OOP:

Here's the dozen lines of code I use instead:

@oppen @alcinnz thanks for sharing and for avoiding the orange site. The article seems a bit too heavy on abstract criticism from my perspective (Python mid-level experience) but it's an encouragement to explore different programming paradigms

@steko @alcinnz the reason it chimed so much with me is because for years as a junior a senior dev was mentoring me badly with strict OO that's left my thinking pretty inflexible. Only now as an aging Dev can I see how flawed his approach was in so many areas (in terms of project management too, and general attitude)

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