@neauoire this has all come out of $dayjob where we (the dev team) have just burned through close to a dozen weeks implementing something very over-designed that the user isn't going to care about, and that has a huge bug surface. Using the default APIs and Views it'd have taken a week and be much more mainainable.

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@oppen Reading your comments I understood more your situation. Having worked in marketing and mobile development, both as a designer and a implementer, I've seen that too.

As a designer, I remember the marketing team asking us to break all possible iOS conventions to "stick more to the brand", so all forms and UI was all custom to fit the paper identity of the client.

As a developer, we'd get these mockups and it was impossible to make look identical on both iOS and Android, and so it went..

@neauoire I did one fantastic role in Sweden years ago (hence all the scandi references in everything I do), gender split was close to 50/50, the processes worked well, UX and design embedded with the devs - it was a life changer. UK companies are still extremely old-fashioned, wedded to 1950s patriarchical company culture, all top down command-and-control. So I think a large part of my problems come from that as much as anything else. Current company is much better than most over here though!

@neauoire @oppen for my future prospective job hunting, where was this?

@mnda it was Wayfinder in Lund, just after they were purchased by Vodafone (which was also just shortly before they got closed down). Offices were in the stunning modernist Lund University.

@oppen @neauoire I was in this exact same situation last year. Voiced my concerns but were just ignored with the usual “your a developer, just make it do the thing” attitude people who don’t understand how things work give you.

I also raised a load of issues with the design that were ignored.

Lo, the project went exactly as I predicted.

@jameschip @oppen @neauoire I am dealing with the same problem at my job but from the side of a trainer for 3d artists. The design of our pipeline and our model for receiving and getting work out the door has lead to feast and famine for years, but when I raise solutions I'm told we are too busy to focus on re-design.

So I keep dealing with messes made by that system

@dualhammers I guess that's it, it's not the design team I'm mad at, just the frustration of being in a system that lets these things happen. We're now responsible for maintaining a massive feature that no user asked for. Huge mistake (and the entire dev team is in agreement), we built the wrong thing.

@oppen Yep, at my job management built a model of how many people we needed to hire that was totally wrong and now we are overstaffed by 20+ contractors who I and two other staff people spent 2-3 months training. Now we're telling them all we're rationing work and most are quitting or being furloughed.

It sucks

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