Something that never ceases to amaze me, in work and in side projects - people always complain about the thing that isn't done yet, like 'What were you thinking not doing this thing?" and somehow putting all the things that have been done out of their mind, as if time isn't finite and linear and this one thing they want is more important that all the other things, and I'm clearly stupid for not doing it before the other stuff.

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I've had lots of nice bug reports too mind, just some with that sense of entitlement that make me bridle.

@oppen I get a lot of those. I hate that it's always phrased as a question instead of a feature request. "Why isn't this doing X", instead of "I'd like for it to do X".

@neauoire @oppen I have a discord for Tape and other stuff I'm doing and I'm astonished at how generally polite and understanding they have been to issues and feature requests

@flame most requests and reports are really nicely relayed, but it's at least 20% that are rude which is higher than I'd like

@neauoire @oppen I feel like it's the creators curse though—they can only see what is missing or what they'd do differently, and we're like omg I nearly *died* getting this to where it is

@flame @oppen we have a bit of meme at 100r, where someone will always ask for vim-like controls, wether it be a text editor, or any other piece of software.

We realized after a while that if we do implement that feature, we never hear from them again, they were not actually interested in the feature, but were using the issues as a platform to spread vimism.

@neauoire @flame oh there's a LOT of that attitude around, especially from one of our neighbouring Masto instances

@oppen @neauoire @flame I'm 100% with you on your vent here and all the supportive comments in solidarity. Sometimes it's my own brain going “why haven't you done this yet” while ignoring everything I have achieved so far!

But a tiny, shameful part of me is wondering if I'm reading it correctly that there is a specific Masto instance for Vim people and also if it is a fun place to check out 😰

@alderwick @oppen @neauoire I already have enough of a hard time—on myself—for thinking I should have done X and why haven't I done Y, so very much appreciate people being patient with me and can take it pretty hard when someone starts giving me shit for no reason

@neauoire @oppen for sure, there are often requests for things that directly help that user, I try to be open minded about that, but sometimes they are things that simply don't make sense to me or not in the direction or spirit of what I wanted it to be

@neauoire @flame @oppen it gets even worse, the cmd/ctrl key chording we're all used to is a direct descendant of emacs!

@peregrine @flame @oppen What do you mean it gets worse. Are you saying that using ctrl+s is pushing the agenda of the emacs cabal?

@neauoire @flame @oppen we've been living in the emacs cabal the entire time! /s

@neauoire that's it, framed as a challenge, rather than starting a conversation.

@oppen I found that it's rarely well intentioned, half the time when I get these passive-aggressive feature requests, it's for things that are already implemented or that the person will obviously not use.

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