I should be fixing bugs, but instead I've added a duotone filter option to Ariane, so you can have your Geminispace looking more like a zine than ever before. Coming soon, just need to rework the settings screen to accomodate it.

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Some work to do, especially with the contrast, may add granular controls in settings too:

Download 4.1.63 or newer:

@oppen i don't know why i cannot install this apk. it just says at the end of installing process 'app not installed'.

@luka do you have the Play Store version installed, or another older version? or are you on an older Android version? (I need to add a step to build script to extract the minSDK value and write it to the webpage)

@dokoissho @oppen This is a pretty nice idea. I’ve added a couple of image colorization options for Lagrange v1.7.


I just realized that I had a very old version of Ariane on my phone. As I'm using /e/os, it's hard to know when some things are updated.

So, I grabbed the newest version and wow - it is great.

By the way, how do I inline images on my own gemini site? I suppose I could just look up the answer. :)

@flavigula Ariane will inline links to images either by the experimental setting in Settings, or if you long press on an image link. That's all there is to it, there's no special Gemtext syntax for it.

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