With Ariane hopefully disappearing from F-Droid soon someone requested a version check on startup so they don't have to check manually. It's in the latest build: From 4.1.69 Beta onwards you should get a message if a new version is available. Only available if side-loaded, not from a Google Play install, and there's a setting in prefs to turn the automatic check off.

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@devinprater I don't want to dump on them because they work hard and are understaffed, but I've always found it a very painful experience getting things set up. I've moved the repo for Ariane and I'd just be happier without it on there (the version they have is really old and I'm getting regular bug reports about it). There's lots of things with how they do things I think is wrong but it's still a massive achievement.

@oppen Oh, okay. I'll get the new version. I didn't know the one on F-droid was out-of-date.

@devinprater @oppen the fdroid ariane is the newest free software version. the oppen version has a different non-free software licence, so it shouldn't be on @fdroidorg

@stereo @devinprater @fdroidorg it remains free. It's just not permissive for capitalist exploitation. Regardless, I've requested they remove it because I'm fielding a large amount of bug reports for an older unsupported version.

@oppen @devinprater @fdroidorg I think I understand your goal. It doesn't meet the free software definition of the @fsfe and a licence change makes it another product in my view and not only a new version. You are the author and you have all rights to do so.

@stereo @devinprater @fsfe @fdroidorg I couldn't care less about the FSF definition... but yes that's a valid assertion re. new product/versioning.

@oppen @stereo @devinprater @fdroidorg Miniature round of applause from over here. As much as I love free software, I can't stand the idea of corps or grifters co-opting free software and making fortunes on the back of altruistic and fair individuals.

The applause is miniature because I can't see anyone using figuring out a way of using an Ariane fork to make millions, but it is applause nonetheless.

@paul at the link above, and there's also a Google Play version.

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